What Is a ‘Situationship’? This is Methods to Inform if You are in One—and if It is a Unhealthy Factor


In 2020, it may be onerous to maintain observe of all of the out there phrases to outline our relationship standing. We’re not simply “single” or “in a relationship”; we have now pals with advantages, booty calls, f*ck buddies, and the factor we have gathered right here immediately to debate: situational relationships, a.okay.a. “situationships.”

What Is a Situationship?

Situationships contain emotions and expectations however not the complete vary implicit in a conventional romantic relationship. UrbanDictionary.com’s self-appointed linguists dubbed a “relationship that has no label on it like a friendship however greater than a friendship however not fairly a relationship.”

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They’re greater than a fuckbuddy or informal, no-strings-attached relationship, ones largely about intercourse with little emotional funding or prospects for something extra. They’re much less—when it comes to calls for—than boyfriend/girlfriend relationships or same-sex equivalents, with default Saturday dates and day by day textual content check-ins and holidays collectively. In situationships, some emotional connection and accountability are established, however the course and nature of the connection is ambiguous.

Observe that individuals in a situationship don’t proudly boast that they’re in a situationship. They don’t inform their accomplice, “No, we’re not formally companions; it’s really only a situationship!” Sarcastically, the time period is label-less label, however that’s all the level of it. In situationships, you may ethically revel within the unstated, grey space of your relationship.

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