Tips on how to Do a Stability Ball Pushup


Additionally Recognized As: Pushups on train ball, pushups on Swiss ball, train ball inclined pushups

Targets: Chest, shoulders

Tools Wanted: Stability ball or BOSU stability coach

Stage: Intermediate

If you wish to transfer past the primary pushup or the plank on a stability ball to construct higher physique energy and management, strive stability ball pushups or BOSU pushups. You are most likely aware of the soundness ball, although chances are you’ll realize it by one other of its many names, like Swiss ball, train ball, or steadiness ball. A BOSU stability coaching is flat on one facet and has half of a stability ball on the opposite facet.

These variations of the pushup are each harder and more practical than the usual ground pushup. The soundness pushup can be utilized as a part of a complete physique strengthening routine.


Like commonplace pushups, this train works your chest and shoulder muscle groups. As well as, you activate twice the variety of core muscle groups while you carry out workouts just like the plank and pushup on an unstable floor like the soundness ball. The pushup is a useful train utilizing your physique as resistance as a substitute of weights. Such workouts require extra muscle groups to be activated (stabilizer muscle groups and core muscle groups) throughout the motion. On this method, a pushup works extra muscle groups than a bench press. Whenever you add within the requirement of steadiness, you additionally improve muscle fiber activation. This train can be good for shoulder stabilization.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Lay along with your chest on the soundness ball. Place your arms on the ball on the sides of your chest. They are going to be shoulder-width aside.
  2. Should you’re utilizing a BOSU, begin in a plank place with arms on the flat facet of the ball.
  3. Place your toes on the ground, legs straight.
  4. Push your physique up till your arms are virtually straight (don’t lock your elbows).
  5. Maintain and steadiness for 2 seconds.
  6. Slowly return to the beginning place and repeat.

Widespread Errors

Keep away from these errors so you may stop damage and get probably the most from this train.

Not Perfecting Ground Pushup First

You must grasp the fundamental pushup after which progress to the soundness pushup to be able to carry out it safely. Don’t try stability pushups till you are able to do 20 primary push-ups.

Physique Alignment

Your torso and hips needs to be inflexible an in a straight line. Do not enable your low again to sag as that can hyperextend your again and will end in an damage.

Flared Elbows

Your elbows needs to be tucked at your sides, not flared out.

Modifications and Variations

This train will be finished in several methods to match your degree of health.

Want a Modification?

If you’re having problem with doing the pushup with a straight physique alignment, strive the kneeling model. Kneel however preserve your torso and hips in a straight line whereas doing the pushup.

Up for a Problem?

So as to add additional problem to your stability ball push-up exercise, you may strive a variation. As an alternative of placing the ball beneath your arms and pushing up, strive the push-up with the soundness ball beneath your legs.

  1. Kneel dealing with the soundness ball.
  2. Roll your self ahead over the ball fastidiously, strolling your method ahead in your arms whereas permitting the ball to roll beneath you again towards your legs. Cease when the soundness ball is resting beneath your shins and the tops of your ft. Your arms shall be supporting your higher physique, and your decrease physique shall be supported on the soundness ball.
  3. Straighten your physique and level your toes. Your arms needs to be flat on the ground within the acquainted push-up stance.
  4. Slowly decrease your higher physique towards the ground by bending your elbows. Hold your physique regular on the ball and do not transfer round. When your arms attain proper angles on the elbows, cease and maintain the place a second or two.
  5. Push your self again up till you attain the beginning place.
  6. Repeat for the specified variety of repetitions.

Security and Precautions

You shouldn’t do pushups when you have a shoulder damage. Finish the train if you happen to really feel any shoulder ache or hear a clicking noise in your shoulder Use warning when you have any wrist or elbow damage. Discuss to your physician or bodily therapist to see if that is an applicable train.

Strive It Out

Incorporate this transfer and comparable ones into certainly one of these in style exercises:

  • Chest exercise for energy
  • Body weight exercise
  • PHA coaching exercise

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