The way to Do the Cable Woodchop


Targets: Abdominals, obliques

Tools Wanted: Cable machine

Stage: Intermediate

The cable woodchop makes use of a cable rack and a single cable to simulate a woodchopping motion. It builds energy and energy within the core and obliques. This imitates exercise that happens in lots of sports activities—swinging a bat or throwing whereas twisting the torso. The cable woodchop is a compound pulling movement and a purposeful train. Whereas it primarily targets the abdominals and obliques, it additionally employs the shoulders, again, and glutes. You are able to do woodchops with a medication ball or dumbbell, however the cable will give a continuing pressure that’s preferable. It may be a part of a core strengthening exercise or a complete physique exercise.


The cable woodchop targets the transverse abdominis muscle and the indirect muscle tissues. These are the muscle tissues that help you twist on the waist and to swing a bat or racket utilizing the burden of your physique and never simply your arms. The woodchop additionally engages the muscle tissues of your again, shoulders, and legs. Along with sports activities that use a stick or racket (baseball, golf, tennis, hockey, cricket, and so forth.), twisting the abdominals underneath load is a distinguished motion in sports activities together with soccer and basketball. After all, this approximate motion is barely completely different in any variety of sports activities. This train can also be protected throughout being pregnant.

Step-by-Step Directions

Connect an appropriate hand grip to a cable at one finish of a cable machine body. Place the cable anchor close to the highest of the body utilizing the adjustable mechanism. Load the machine with enough weight to offer average resistance. Should you battle to maneuver the deal with or in case you can solely transfer it slowly, the burden is just too heavy. You must also be capable of preserve your steadiness as you rotate the burden. Should you stumble or waver, the burden is just too heavy.

  1. Place your physique in order that the cable motion shall be downward and throughout the physique—like a tree-chopping motion. Place the toes comfortably aside and grasp the cable deal with with each fingers above one shoulder.
  2. Swing the clasped deal with downward and throughout the physique till it passes the other thigh. Your hips and knees can rotate barely, and you may also pivot out of your ankle.
  3. On the finish place, permit the cable weight to retract the deal with to the beginning place.
  4. Do 8 to 10 repetitions then reverse your stance by dealing with the opposite means and repeat the train on the opposite facet of the physique.

Widespread Errors

To get essentially the most from this train, keep away from these errors.

Locking Decrease Physique

Do not lock the knees and hips. Permit the hips and knees to rotate barely.

Bending Arms

Don’t bend your arms whereas performing this train or your shoulders and arms will do the work slightly than your abdominals. Make certain that you’re rotating your torso and your arms are staying in entrance of your physique slightly than it being the arms which can be producing the movement.

Modifications and Variations

This train may be performed in numerous methods relying in your health stage and targets.

Want a Modification?

Ideally, you should have progressed by means of a newbie’s program with a purpose to construct enough energy with which to learn from this train. If not, begin with a light-weight weight and progress slowly.

Up for a Problem?

Strive these variations for additional challenges.

  • Reverse cable woodchop/standing cable raise: Set the adjustable mechanism of the cable machine on the backside with a purpose to pull the cable from low to excessive.
  • Woodchop lunges: Step ahead right into a lunge as you deliver the cable down throughout your physique.
  • Woodchops with weights: You possibly can carry out the woodchop utilizing a dumbbell slightly than a cable machine.
  • Excessive-speed woodchops: Do the motion at excessive velocity, relaxation for 10-15 seconds, then repeat. This train is finest used for energy improvement.

Security and Precautions

If in case you have any issues together with your again, hips, or knees, focus on this train together with your physician or bodily therapist. Don’t proceed the train in case you really feel any ache.

Strive It Out

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