The way to Do Handstand Push-Ups


Additionally Recognized As: HSPU

Targets: Whole physique; largely higher physique and core

Tools Wanted: Cushion or mat in your head

Stage: Superior

Handstand push-ups aren’t a transfer you’re prone to see in a industrial health club—your common 24Hour Health or Planet Health in all probability doesn’t have the setup for this superior train, nor do most of their members in all probability take care of one thing like handstand push-ups. 

This train is one idolized in CrossFit gyms and among the many calisthenics group. To folks outdoors of those communities, handstand push-ups might sound foolish or pointless. In actuality, nonetheless, handstand push-ups provide a singular assortment of advantages you’re unlikely to get from one other train by itself. 

The issue is that handstand push-ups are technical and finicky. One mistake may lead to severe harm, which is why it’s so vital to maneuver by progressions appropriately and modify the motion till you’ll be able to carry out handstand push-ups with grace and confidence. 

To do handstand push-ups, you first need to know the right way to invert your self. And if you may make it to that time, you will need to have finely tuned management of your physique whereas it’s upside-down. To even contemplate performing handstand push-ups, it’s best to have the ability to: 

  • Maintain a wall-supported handstand for no less than one minute
  • Be freed from shoulder and again accidents or limitations 
  • Exhibit enough mobility in your backbone, wrists, and shoulders
  • Know what it means to have interaction your core—and have the ability to do it

All that stated, anybody can learn to do handstand push-ups. All it takes is a while and a few dedication. There’s no fast path to reaching handstand push-ups, however the dedication is effectively price it. 

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Once more, handstand push-ups provide a particular suite of advantages all wrapped up into one train—that’s exhausting to come back by. 

Higher Physique Power

The plain and first advantage of handstand push-ups is elevated higher physique power. This train strengthens your shoulders, chest, arms, and again muscle tissue concurrently. Good higher physique power interprets to on a regular basis actions and tasks akin to taking part in video games along with your children, placing away groceries, or rearranging heavy furnishings. Plus, strengthening your shoulder muscle tissue protects the integrity of your joints and helps stop accidents akin to rotator cuff tears.

Core Power

Along with higher physique power, handstand push-ups enhance core power. To guard your backbone throughout handstand push-ups, you will need to interact your core to create a powerful cylinder that forestalls your backbone from flexing, extending, or bending an excessive amount of. A powerful core, like robust shoulders, can defend you from accidents. Sturdy and steady core muscle tissue maintain your backbone positioned appropriately throughout motion and may stop again ache.

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Glute Power

Your glutes are technically a part of your core, nevertheless it’s price singling them out right here. Whether or not you do strict handstand push-ups or kipping handstand push-ups (variations defined beneath Modifications and Variations), you will need to use your glutes to maintain your physique upright and steady. Throughout strict handstand push-ups, you’ll interact your glutes your entire time in an isometric style. Throughout kipping handstand push-ups, you’ll intermittently squeeze your glutes to propel your physique upward. 

Stability, Stability, and Physique Consciousness

Maybe the best advantage of handstand push-ups is that they train you to actually management your physique. Most individuals don’t notice how little management they’ve of their our bodies. Do that check: Shut your eyes, stand on one foot, and bend over to the touch your toes 3 times. In case you wobble, teeter, or fall, you will have room to work in your proprioception. 

Proprioception refers back to the consciousness of your physique because it strikes by area. Stability, coordination, stability, and power are all vital components in proprioception. Handstand push-ups will help you develop and enhance proprioception because of their inverted and explosive nature. 

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Gymnastics Abilities

In CrossFit and calisthenics, the most effective athletes have fine-tuned gymnastics expertise. Training handstand push-ups, modified or not, will help you develop the talents it takes to be an ideal CrossFit or calisthenics athlete. 

Tremendous Enjoyable

Health must be enjoyable—nobody stays per a routine they don’t like. Handstand push-ups can add enjoyable and selection to your exercise routine. They’re distinctive, difficult, and gratifying. While you hit a milestone, akin to your first handstand push-up or stringing collectively 5 in a row, you’ll really feel so proud, excited, and invigorated. 

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Step-By-Step Directions

This step-by-step information covers strict handstand push-ups. It’s vital to grasp the strict model earlier than making an attempt kipping handstand push-ups, that are explosive and may simply result in accidents if carried out incorrectly. Everybody ought to contemplate kipping handstand push-ups a development from strict handstand push-ups. 

  1. Earlier than making an attempt a handstand push-up, arrange a cushion (like an ab mat or a yoga mat) in opposition to the wall to guard your head and neck. 
  2. Stand going through the wall. Bend down and place your palms six to 12 inches away from the wall, fingers unfold and urgent into the bottom. Kick up right into a handstand. Kick exhausting sufficient so that you just stand up in a single swoop, however not so exhausting that your heels bounce off the wall. 
  3. When you’re inverted, regular your self by tucking your tailbone beneath, drawing your navel to your backbone, tightening your abs, and squeezing your glutes. Your physique ought to type one strong, straight line. 
  4. Bend your elbows to decrease your self to the mat beneath your head. Use management so that you don’t slam your head into the bottom. Even in case you have a cushion, that might damage. 
  5. As soon as the highest of your head grazes the ground, press your physique again up by extending your arms. Consider urgent into the ground as in the event you have been urgent a barbell over your head. Hold your core tight and engaged to forestall your backbone from overextending. 
  6. On the prime of the press, absolutely prolong your arms (lock out your elbows) and reset to descend for an additional rep. Except you are a complicated athlete, do not rush into the following rep. Ensure you re-engage your core first.

Frequent Errors

As a posh and technical train, handstand push-ups have numerous room for error. That is very true for kipping handstand push-ups, however all the widespread errors under additionally apply to strict handstand push-ups. 

Arched Again

Your backbone ought to stay in its pure place all through your entire motion. In case your again arches or your ribs appear to “flare,” it’s an indication that your decrease again is hyperextending, which may be harmful and painful.

Kicking the Wall

Some folks have bother minimizing horizontal motion throughout handstand push-ups. In case you maintain bouncing off of the wall as a result of your heels kick it throughout the ascent, it could possibly be because of extraneous back-and-forth motion. Participating your core and squeezing your glutes will help you retain the motion sample strictly vertical. 

Pushing Away From the Wall

If you end up falling over on the prime of each rep, you may be hyperextending your again. It’s widespread to see folks push themselves away from the wall as they grow to be drained—it’s corresponding to arching one’s again throughout an overhead barbell press. As soon as once more, partaking your core is the answer to this widespread mistake.

Uncontrolled Descent

Maybe the commonest mistake of all of them, this usually happens when folks attempt handstand push-ups earlier than they’re prepared, however it could actually additionally occur to skilled athletes when their muscle tissue fatigue. Controlling your descent prevents you from slamming your head into the bottom, which hurts at greatest and may result in a concussion or a neck harm at worst.

Arms Too Extensive or Slim

Figuring out the right hand positioning is essential to profitable handstand push-ups. In case you place your palms too extensive or too slender, you create extra work for your self as a result of the motion turns into inefficient. Experiment with hand placements to search out what works for you. 

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Modifications and Variations

In case you can’t do handstand push-ups but, you’ll be able to select from loads of alternate options. The modifications under are listed so as of best to most superior, with some non-gymnastics choices on the finish.

Modified Push-Ups

To begin growing “pushing power”—higher physique power in your chest, shoulders, and triceps—attempt modified push-ups. Doing push-ups in your knees or in opposition to a wall will help you determine baseline power earlier than shifting onto harder workouts.

Pike Push-Ups

It is a great spot to start out for novices. Field pike push-ups mimic the handstand push-up motion sample with out a lot danger for harm. They assist strengthen your higher physique and core. 

To attempt pike push-ups, get into the downward-facing canine place. You may maintain your ft flat or rise onto your toes. As soon as in place, decrease your head to the bottom till it gently faucets, after which press your self again up. 

Common Push-Ups

When you’ve mastered modified push-ups, you’ll be able to transfer onto normal push-ups, which problem your core and higher physique much more. Common push-ups function an outstanding handstand push-up different as a result of they develop pushing power and train you to have interaction your core to maintain your backbone impartial. 

Field Pike Push-Ups

Field pike push-ups present a bit extra of a problem than common pike push-ups and normal push-ups, as a result of your decrease physique might be elevated, thus creating extra rigidity throughout the push-up. 

To do field pike push-ups, arrange a sturdy field in opposition to a wall. The upper the field, the harder the train. You need to use your toes or your knees as your base. If utilizing your toes, place them in the course of the field and guarantee your sneakers have good grip. If utilizing your knees, chances are you’ll need to place a cushion of types on the field. 

Place your palms 10 to 12 inches in entrance of the field, barely wider than shoulder-width aside. Press into the ground, straighten your again, and have interaction your core. Slowly decrease your head to the bottom and press again up. 

Barbell Shoulder Press

In case you can’t carry out any of the above modifications because of an harm, being pregnant, or different situation, attempt doing a barbell shoulder press rather than handstand push-ups. Although this transfer doesn’t fairly develop the identical expertise as a handstand push-up, it does reinforce core engagement and develop shoulder power.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Lastly, dumbbell shoulder presses can take the place of handstand push-ups for individuals who can’t be the other way up, have restricted shoulder mobility, and may’t carry out any of the push-up variations. 

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Security and Precautions

As all the time, it’s vital to take precautions earlier than and through train—notably earlier than attempting a motion like handstand push-ups. Keep protected by taking the next precautions. 

Prime Your Shoulders

Heat up with actions like arm circles, band pull-aparts, PVC pass-throughs, and light-weight shoulder presses. Get the blood flowing and loosen up your joints to make sure you have a full vary of movement going into the train. Not solely will you are feeling primed and prepared, however analysis reveals that warming up earlier than train can stop accidents and enhance athletic efficiency.

Set Up for Consolation

Don’t overlook to position a cushion beneath your head, whether or not you will have a flowery ab mat or your trusty previous yoga mat. Defend that noggin. 

Don’t Rush

Take it gradual. Handstand push-ups usually are not a sort of train you’ll be able to rush by (though it’s best to rethink speeding by any train). This motion requires eager physique consciousness and superb motor management. It takes as a lot out of your mind because it does your physique.


There isn’t any disgrace in scaling again on any motion, particularly superior (ahem, super-advanced) actions like handstand push-ups. In truth, modifying is admirable, because it shows a willingness to be taught and enhance. 

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