The right way to Do a Seated Chest Press


Targets: Pectoral muscle tissues

Tools Wanted: Chest press machine

Stage: Newbie

The seated chest press machine is an upright model of the usual mendacity bench press machine. The arms, positioned beneath a weight-bearing load, are pushed away from the chest and returned to beginning place. The chest press helps construct the pectoral muscle tissues in addition to the biceps, deltoids, and latissimus dorsi muscle tissues.


This train targets the principle muscle of the chest, the pectorals. Creating the pecs is an aesthetic aim for many individuals. It is usually purposeful in creating power and energy for sports activities the place you swing a bat, racket, or membership. The chest press machine additionally recruits the biceps and the massive muscle tissues of the shoulders and again. Utilizing a machine helps forestall many errors of kind. You may alter the seat and handles so they’re within the right place in your physique. Utilizing a machine, you’ll be able to carry heavier weights with extra management.

Step-by-Step Directions

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Familiarize your self with the machine. The usual Nautilus machine is a levered gadget which makes use of a set of detachable weight plates. Older machines have a single weight carriage that distributes the load equally between the 2 bars. Newer levered fashions have a carriage for every bar and an impartial motion that builds each side of the chest extra equally. Others machines work on a cable-and-pulley system that attaches to a stack of weight plates. To regulate the load, you’d merely transfer the detachable pin to the chosen plate. As with levered techniques, cable-and-pulley machines can both have impartial or non-independent bars. If you’re unfamiliar with any of those machines, do not hesitate to ask a fitness center attendant for assist.

  1. Sit comfortably on the machine together with your ft positioned firmly on the ground about shoulder-width aside. If that is your first time utilizing the machine, place a lighter load on the load carriage. In case your machine has an adjustable seat top, make sure that the setting permits your arms to push at a horizontal place to the bottom when your arms are totally prolonged.
  2. Grasp the handles with a full grip, thumb circled across the deal with, and preserve a impartial wrist place together with your wrists in step with your forearms.
  3. Push the bars outward to full extension however with out locking out the elbow, exhaling as you press out. Preserve your head regular towards the upright pad and your neck nonetheless. You must really feel important resistance towards the horizontal push.
  4. Pause briefly at full extension, then permit the bars to return towards your chest and breathe in throughout this restoration.
  5. Repeat for as many repetitions as known as for in your program. Strive totally different weights till you’ll be able to push and launch slowly for about 10 repetitions. The final repetition ought to all the time really feel a bit troublesome.
  6. Strive three units of 10 reps. Begin with much less if you need to, all the time listening to your physique to keep away from damage. Relaxation for a couple of minutes between units.
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Frequent Errors

Keep away from these errors so that you get essentially the most profit from this train and keep away from damage.

Elbows Too Far Again

Do not stress your shoulder joint by extending your elbows too far again when greedy the handles. Somewhat is OK, however the handgrips ought to all the time be in entrance of your physique line. Accidents can simply happen should you hyperextend the shoulder whereas bearing even reasonable weight. Fairly often the machine is designed so it has a catch that will not permit this overextension. Verify to make sure it has been set appropriately.

Explosive Motion

When pushing the bar, your motion ought to by no means be explosive. Preserve your actions regular and managed, each as you push and launch. If wanted, rely “one-two” when pushing, pause, after which rely “one-two” as you launch. By no means rush.

Arching Again

Preserve your again and shoulder blades towards the again help. If you end up arching your again while you push, you’re utilizing an excessive amount of weight. Scale back the load so that you could push with effort however with out arching the again.

Modifications and Variations

When utilizing a machine, you’re restricted within the alternative ways you may carry out an train, however there are modifications you may make.

Want a Modification?

When first beginning, make sure you examine the machine and learn how to alter the seat and handles. Ask for help from the fitness center employees if obligatory. Use a light-weight weight and even an unweighted effort at first to examine your positioning. Then add small increments of weight till you attain the quantity you may press for eight to 12 reps with good kind.

Up for a Problem?

As you construct muscle, it is possible for you to to extend the weights used. It’s also possible to experiment with utilizing a unique grip. Nevertheless, should you use too vast of a grip your vary of movement might be shortened, lessening the coaching impact.

After getting good kind, attempt unilateral chest presses with one arm at a time.

If you’re a complicated exerciser with good core stability, you may sit upright together with your again off the backrest as you do the chest press. Nevertheless, you need to examine that you’re not rounding the again.

The identical train will be carried out on a bench utilizing both a barbell or a pair of dumbbells in addition to on a cable machine or suspension coach. As every may have a barely totally different motion, it’s good to fluctuate your chest press routine.

Security and Precautions

Speak to your physician or bodily therapist about whether or not this train if acceptable for you when you have had an damage to or current surgical procedure involving your chest muscle tissues or shoulders. If at any time you are feeling ache in your arms, shoulders, or chest, finish the train. Make sure you take the time to regulate the machine to suit your torso and arm size. Guarantee that you’ve got set the levers to stop overextending your elbows and shoulders. Verify the weights chosen so you are not lifting an excessive quantity.

Strive It Out

Incorporate this transfer and comparable ones into considered one of these in style exercises:

  • Compound workouts for power and muscle
  • Weight coaching workouts for again ache
  • Chest exercise to construct power

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