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CrossFit is notoriously intense, however a choose set of CrossFit WODs—the “Woman” WODs—are much more grueling than the standard exercise written on a CrossFit whiteboard. 

These exercises, developed by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman as a approach to measure health progress, collectively take a look at for the ten “normal bodily preparedness” abilities set forth by CrossFit: cardiovascular endurance, energy, pace, energy, stamina, coordination, agility, flexibility, steadiness, and accuracy. These abilities are the inspiration of all CrossFit programming, the purpose being to arrange anybody and everybody for something that life can throw your approach. 

The “Nasty Ladies” WOD challenges a number of of these 10 normal bodily abilities. In “Nasty Ladies,” you’ll be challenged within the realms of cardiovascular endurance, pace, stamina, energy, and agility.

This exercise began as an everyday “exercise of the day” on the CrossFit major web site, posted first on December 4, 2005. However the video linked with the exercise is credited with being the ignition to many a CrossFit journey. 

It reveals three now-famous well-known CrossFit athletes—Annie Sakamoto, future CrossFit Video games athlete after whom the “Annie” Woman WOD was named; Nicole Carroll, future Director of Coaching and Certification for CrossFit HQ; and Eva Twardokens, former Olympic skier—finishing the exercise within the first-ever CrossFit gymnasium in Santa Cruz. 

So many individuals accomplished “Nasty Ladies” that it went from an unnamed WOD to having “Woman” standing, and it’s now used as a benchmark exercise all around the globe.

One vital be aware in regards to the “Nasty Ladies” video: This video was taken in 2005 earlier than CrossFit grew to become a broadly identified and accepted type of bodily coaching. The requirements for type, method, and security had been nonetheless being developed. In case you are an skilled CrossFitter, it’s possible you’ll discover the errors in method and potential questions of safety; should you’re a newbie, don’t use this video for instance of what good weightlifting type appears like. 

You’ll be able to, nevertheless, use the video as a supply of inspiration: These three ladies went on to grow to be extraordinarily profitable CrossFit athletes with refined type and elite-level talent, proving that with constant effort and sensible programming, anybody could make enhancements in energy, pace, endurance, and different parts of health.

The “Nasty Ladies” exercise is as follows. 

Three rounds for time: 

  • 50 air squats
  • 7 muscle-ups
  • 9 grasp energy cleans (135 lb/95 lb)

The “Nasty Ladies” WOD

Rating: For time—full three rounds as quick as doable.

Purpose occasions: Newbie (with modifications): 17-20 minutes. Intermediate: 12-17 minutes. Elite: 9-12 minutes.

Tools Wanted: Pull-up bar or rig, barbell, bumper plates.

Stage: This WOD will not be applicable for novices as written. It contains two very technical workouts that require good type, mobility, and motion patterns. 


CrossFit’s definition of health differs from many individuals’s standard thought of health. It’s not about the way in which you look and even actually how a lot weight you may raise or how briskly you may run. CrossFit defines health as “performing effectively at any and each process possible”—that health “requires a capability to carry out effectively in any respect duties, even unfamiliar duties, duties mixed in infinitely various mixtures.” 

This definition is the reasoning behind well-known CrossFit exercises, akin to Jackie, Karen, and, sure, “Nasty Ladies.” It’s the rationale that just about all CrossFit WODs embody a number of domains of health and supply a number of advantages, like the next three.

Gymnastics Abilities

Although CrossFit makes use of the ten normal bodily preparedness abilities, these abilities may be grouped into 4 broader classes that make up CrossFit exercises: gymnastics, endurance, pace, and energy. Gymnastics contains any workouts that contain transferring your individual physique weight, akin to push-ups, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and even burpees. Within the case of “Nasty Ladies,” the gymnastics element is muscle-ups. 

Muscle-ups stay one of the vital coveted CrossFit abilities, combining a pull-up and a triceps dip into one swift motion on the rings. Muscle-ups require excessive muscular management and physique consciousness—finishing the 21 whole in “Nasty Ladies” is an effective approach to observe.

Muscular Endurance

You’ll make the most of nearly your whole muscle tissue in the course of the “Nasty Ladies” WOD, even should you don’t understand it on the time. Air squats primarily tax your legs, but in addition work your core and decrease again. Muscle-ups work your core, higher again, biceps, triceps, and chest. Energy cleans require energy out of your hamstrings, glutes, core, arms, shoulders, and again. 

This exercise will problem your muscular endurance, or the power of your muscle tissue to maintain repeated contractions over a time frame. Muscular endurance is vital for a lot of sorts of train, together with high-intensity interval coaching, bodybuilding, weightlifting, water sports activities, working, and biking.

Easy Strategies for Enhancing Muscular Endurance

Barbell Biking

Barbell biking is a vital talent in CrossFit. It’s the power to shortly, effectively, and safely transfer the barbell from one place to a different. Within the “Nasty Ladies” WOD, you’ll cycle the bar from the bottom to your hips, after which to your shoulders and again to your hips for the grasp energy cleans.

Studying the right way to cycle the barbell effectively can enormously enhance your time for CrossFit exercises, enhance your type and method, cut back security dangers, and assist you grow to be extra snug with quick weighted actions. 

Barbell biking doesn’t have many sensible purposes outdoors of CrossFit, but it surely’s price studying and practising for anybody, no matter present health degree, who does CrossFit.

Psychological Toughness

That is a type of WODs you’ll need to stop, in all probability a number of occasions all through. And whereas such exercises don’t really feel enjoyable when you’re in the midst of spherical two and your lungs and muscle tissue are burning, they do supply an vital profit: psychological toughness. 

The “Nasty Ladies” WOD will problem you to push by way of ache and discomfort; it’ll train you to disregard the burning in your muscle tissue and the breathless feeling in your lungs. 

These sorts of WODs are vital for anybody who ever needs to compete in any capability (CrossFit or in any other case), in addition to individuals who merely need to push previous health plateaus. By doing WODs like “Nasty Ladies,” you’ll finally be taught that your physique can achieve this rather more than your mind thinks it might probably—we’re hardwired to halt issues that harm. Recognizing and pushing previous your psychological limitations could also be one of the vital important issues you are able to do to enhance your health.

Step-by-Step Directions

“Nasty Ladies” entails three actions: air squats, muscle-ups, and grasp energy cleans. Observe this step-by-step part to learn to do all three, in addition to the right way to arrange for the WOD. 

Setup and Preparation

  1. Load your barbell—135 kilos for males and 95 kilos for girls. 
  2. Set your gymnastics rings for the muscle-ups to the suitable top. Should you don’t have gymnastics rings, you should utilize a pull-up bar or rig.
  3. Guarantee you’ve got sufficient area for air squats and grasp energy cleans. 
  4. Place your water bottle close by and prepared any gear (wrist wraps, grips, chalk, and so on.). 

How To Do Air Squats

Also referred to as body weight squats, air squats are probably the most fundamental type of squats. Right here’s the right way to carry out them.

  1. Begin standing together with your toes shoulder-width or hip-width aside (whichever feels probably the most snug for you—everybody has a special squat stance). 
  2. Barely hinge on the hips (ship your buttocks backward) and start decreasing your physique by bending your knees. 
  3. On the way in which down, preserve your knees in step with your toes and your torso upright. 
  4. Decrease your self into the underside place, ideally together with your thighs previous parallel, whereas protecting your toes absolutely flat on the ground (don’t permit your heels to lift off of the bottom). 
  5. Pushing by way of your heels, arise and return to the beginning place. 
  6. Repeat for 50 reps.

How Do I Do the Squat Train Safely?

How To Do Muscle-Ups

Muscle-ups are a sophisticated motion that shouldn’t be tried by novices and not using a coach’s supervision. However to get acquainted with the idea (and have a refresher should you’re superior), right here’s a step-by-step of this complicated train.

  1. Cling from the rings with a “false grip.” A false grip signifies that your thumbs relaxation on high of the rings, not beneath. 
  2. Provoke a “kip” by alternating between the hole and arch positions. 
  3. When you collect sufficient momentum, pull your self towards the rings, aiming to convey your physique almost parallel to the bottom. Ship your hips upward and squeeze your glutes and hamstrings.
  4. Shortly bend on the hips and throw your torso over the rings, bringing your self to the place of a triceps dip. 
  5. From the dip place, lock out your arms to finish the rep.
  6. Decrease your self again to the hanging place and launch the rings, or return in for one more rep. 
  7. Repeat for 7 reps.

Watch a video tutorial on ring muscle-ups.

How To Do Cling Energy Cleans

The grasp energy clear, additionally identified merely because the grasp clear, is a model of the facility clear by which the motion begins on the hips, not from the ground. 

  1. Stand in entrance of the bar in a deadlift stance. Deadlift the bar off of the bottom in order that it’s within the “grasp place,” or at your hips. 
  2. Hinge on the hips, sending your butt backward and decreasing the bar to your mid-thigh. Preserve a impartial backbone place, preserve your toes flat on the ground, and look ahead (not down or up). 
  3. Utilizing energy out of your glutes and hamstrings, ship the bar upward and pull up together with your arms in order that your elbows are excessive and pointing outward. 
  4. Shortly rotate your arms into the front-rack place and catch the barbell in your shoulders, cautious to not slam it into your collarbone. Your knees and hips ought to be barely bent on this receiving place. 
  5. Arise from the receiving place (absolutely lengthen your hips) and thoroughly decrease the barbell again to the beginning place (hips). 
  6. Repeat for 9 reps. 

Frequent Errors

Though CrossFit presents many well being advantages, akin to improved energy and stamina, it does, like several high-intensity train, current the chance for harm. Some CrossFitters could also be extra susceptible to harm in the event that they focus solely on pace and ignore correct type and method. Discovering a educated coach is important.

To forestall accidents in the course of the “Nasty Ladies” WOD, be careful for these frequent errors within the air squat, muscle-up, and grasp energy clear.

Air Squat Errors

Heels Come Off the Floor: Throughout any variation of the squat, your whole foot ought to stay flat on the bottom. In case your heel raises from the bottom, this means an absence of mobility in your ankles, calves, hips, or torso (primarily the ankles and calves). Attempt foam rolling your calves and stretching your ankles earlier than performing squats to reduce this error.

Knees Cave In: When squatting, your knees ought to level ahead or outward, wherever your toes are pointing. Knees caving in is an indicator of weak hip abductors and/or mobility points within the hips. You’ll be able to work on this weak spot by doing hip workouts, akin to abductions, with resistance bands. 

Torso Falls Ahead: An excellent squat displays an upright torso. Many individuals lean too far ahead when squatting, placing themselves in danger for a again harm or soreness. This error normally signifies an absence of mobility within the thoracic backbone and ankles, each of which may be remedied with foam rolling and stretching.

Muscle-Up Errors

Inefficient Kip: The kip, or the portion of the muscle-up the place you hole after which arch your physique earlier than pulling up, is crucial a part of this superior motion. With an inefficient kip, you received’t collect sufficient momentum to propel your self as much as the rings. Apply kip swings with out making an attempt a muscle-up (or perhaps a pull-up) to develop a greater kip.

“Rooster Wing” Arms: This error refers to when an athlete doesn’t bend each arms concurrently in the course of the transition interval of the muscle-up. It appears like a rooster making an attempt to climb over a fence: awkward, out-of-sequence, and, in some circumstances, painful. You’ll be able to repair rooster wing arms by growing a extra environment friendly kip, adjusting your grip, and growing energy in your again muscle tissue and triceps. 

Cling Energy Clear Errors

Not Totally Extending the Hips: When performing the grasp clear, your hips ought to absolutely lengthen twice—as soon as while you pull the bar upward and once more after you obtain the barbell. Should you miss both of those extensions, you threat poor type and harm, in addition to a missed rep in competitions.

Improper Grip: Your palms ought to be shoulder-width aside or barely wider (an inch or two outdoors of your thighs). Gripping the bar too narrowly or too broadly will lead to defective method.

Touchdown on the Toes: While you obtain the bar on the finish of a grasp clear, you need to land together with your toes flat on the bottom. That is so vital that many CrossFit coaches train their athletes to make a loud bang on the ground with their footwear, to get used to the sensation of touchdown flat-footed. Touchdown in your toes poses the chance for strained muscle tissue and torn ligaments. 

Modifications and Variations

Each CrossFit WOD may be modified to suit the wants of each particular person regardless of their health degree. “Nasty Ladies” isn’t any completely different—check out these useful modifications to make the this WOD be just right for you.

Supported Squats

Should you can’t but carry out squats with good type, use a pole, wall, suspension coaching (like a TRX), or different supportive construction to assist preserve your toes flat on the bottom and your torso held excessive.

Field Squats

One other nice squat modification, field squats are useful you probably have hassle reaching the right depth for squats. Everybody squats in a different way and a few individuals are higher off not squatting to full depth, however field squats will help enhance your mobility and physique consciousness till you may attain full depth by yourself. Merely place a field behind you and squat to it, standing again up while you really feel your buttocks contact the field.

Muscle-Up Modifications

Don’t really feel unhealthy should you can’t do muscle-ups: Most individuals, even individuals who do CrossFit day-after-day, can not carry out this bodily feat. As an alternative, work on one other nice upper-body transfer, akin to: 

  • Chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Kipping pull-ups
  • Strict (common) pull-ups or chin-ups
  • TRX or ring rows

Cling Energy Clear Weight

The prescribed weight for the grasp energy cleans within the “Nasty Ladies” WOD is 135 kilos for males and 95 kilos for girls. Whereas these weights are thought-about mild for elite CrossFit athletes, they’re reasonable to heavy for almost all of individuals. Don’t hesitate to scale down the load if it’s too heavy to your present health degree—“higher protected than sorry” applies absolutely to CrossFit exercises.

Nasty Ladies v2

It’s in all probability unlikely that you just suppose the “Nasty Ladies” WOD is just too straightforward. However within the case that you just’re an elite-level CrossFit athlete, a harder model does exist: Nasty Ladies v2. To finish this model, carry out the next for 3 rounds and document your finest time: 

  • 50 alternating pistols (single-leg squats)
  • 7 muscle-ups
  • 9 grasp energy cleans (175 lb/125 lb)

The 2 huge adjustments are the pistols rather than air squats (exponentially tougher, as it’s essential to assist your whole physique weight with the energy of only one leg) and the elevated weight for each women and men on the grasp cleans.

Security and Precautions

On high of modifying the “Nasty Ladies” WOD to fit your present health degree, you need to take some commonplace precautions it doesn’t matter what variation of the exercise you intend to finish. 

Full a Common and Particular Heat-Up

A normal warm-up regularly strikes your physique from a resting state to an exercising state. It will increase your coronary heart charge, dilates your blood vessels, and primes your muscle tissue and joints for train. For a normal warm-up, full 5 to 10 minutes of monostructural (cardio) motion, akin to rowing or biking. Then, do some fundamental mobilizing strikes and dynamic stretches. Foam rolling will also be a useful a part of a normal warm-up. 

An excellent normal warm-up for this exercise may appear to be: 

  • 5 minutes of rowing at an easy-to-moderate tempo. Improve depth barely every minute. 
  • 10 leg swings on every leg
  • 10 lunge stretches on every leg
  • 10 downward dog-to-cobra
  • 10 plank shoulder faucets on all sides

A particular warm-up prepares your physique for precisely what it’s about to endure. Within the case of the “Nasty Ladies” exercise, you’ll need to open up your hips, ankles, and shoulders, in addition to get your whole main muscle teams primed for train. An excellent particular warm-up for this exercise may appear to be:

  • 10 pause air squats (maintain backside place for 3 seconds) 
  • 30 seconds in pigeon pose on every leg
  • 10 scapular push-ups
  • 10 scapular pull-ups 
  • 10 barbell shrugs
  • 10 barbell cleans (empty barbell)

You must also observe the strikes with the load you’ll use for the exercise, earlier than truly starting the exercise. 

Put on the Proper Footwear

For many CrossFit exercises, Nasty Ladies included, you need to put on footwear which might be sturdy and sturdy. Good CrossFit footwear have a comparatively flat sole, vast toe field, and laborious outer overlaying. Trainers is perhaps too cushioned for squats and grasp cleans, making you are feeling unstable. 

Defend Your Palms 

Muscle-ups can significantly harm the pores and skin on the palms of your palms and in your fingers. Chances are you’ll find yourself with blood blisters that develop beneath your pores and skin or common blisters that pop and depart new, delicate pores and skin uncovered. That is referred to as “ripping.” Should you’re inclined to tearing, think about carrying gloves or grips for the “Nasty Ladies” WOD.

Cool Down and Rehydrate

Don’t simply get into your automotive, go house, and relax on the sofa after doing the “Nasty Ladies” exercise. You are able to do that, by all means, however remember to settle down first. Give your physique an opportunity to naturally return to its resting state by spending a couple of minutes stretching, foam rolling, and maybe biking slowly. Throughout this time, rehydrate with water or an electrolyte drink.

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