The Linda Crossfit WoD: A Exercise of the Day for Severe Weightlifters


Although CrossFit’s declare to fame is its “consistently different” exercises, there are just a few explicit actions that don’t present up typically in CrossFit WODs. A kind of is the bench press. In reality, the “Linda” WOD is the one CrossFit benchmark exercise to incorporate the bench press, which, in most different sports activities that contain lifting weights, is a staple train. WOD stands for exercise of the day.

In CrossFit, a benchmark exercise is one you retest over time to measure your health progress, with the “Woman” benchmarks being probably the most extensively recognized and used. The Woman WODs comprise a gaggle of particular exercises designed by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, all of which intend to measure totally different key facets of health.

These WODs all encompass not less than two parts of CrossFit’s 10 common bodily expertise: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, energy, flexibility, energy, velocity, coordination, agility, steadiness, and accuracy.

Linda, particularly, checks your energy, energy, velocity, and stamina. 

Curious but as to what this CrossFit Woman exercise entails? Linda is as follows: 

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of this triplet: 

  • Deadlifts at 1.5 instances your physique weight
  • Bench presses at half your physique weight
  • Cleans at 75 p.c of your physique weight 

The rep scheme means you full 10 deadlifts, 10 bench presses, and 10 cleans; then 9 of every; then eight of every; and so forth till you full all the rounds, all the best way to 1 rep of every motion. 

The Linda CrossFit “Woman” WOD

Rating: For time. Attempt Linda and document your finest rating.

Objective Occasions: Newbie: 28-32 minutes. Intermediate: 19-25 minutes. Superior: 14-17 minutes. Elite: 11-13 minutes.

Gear Wanted: Three barbells, bumper plates, a bench, and a barbell rack.

Degree: This WOD is probably not applicable for inexperienced persons who’ve but to display correct kind within the three lifts. Linda is finest suited to intermediate to superior athletes. 


CrossFit packages exercises primarily based on the aforementioned 10 common bodily expertise to coach individuals for what it calls “common bodily preparedness” or GPP. The concept behind GPP is that it prepares you for something life may throw at you—consider it as being very well-rounded as a substitute of extremely specializing in a single space. Each Each CrossFit WOD checks some, if not all the 10, however every one is concentrated on just a few important expertise. The Linda WOD encompasses, primarily, the next 4 of the ten common bodily expertise. 

CrossFit Coaching Phrases to Know Earlier than You Go


As a weightlifting exercise, Linda primarily checks your energy. Deadlifts, bench presses, and cleans all require the power to push, pull, and catch weight with nice kind.

As a result of the prescribed weights are percentages of your individual physique weight, the strength-building stimulus of this WOD is exponential: The extra muscle you achieve, the heavier the burden prescribed weight turns into, thus enhancing your energy each time you full the Linda WOD.


You could not consider Linda as a speedy WOD—within the CrossFit world, something over 10 minutes is considered a lifetime—however superior and elite CrossFit athletes know that the purpose to complete any “for time” exercise is to go as quick as attainable.

Linda gives the advantage of difficult your capabilities with the barbell, these capabilities being fluidity and velocity. 


Deadlifts and bench presses require strict energy, whereas energy cleans require energy and explosiveness. The Linda WOD checks your skill to keep up that obligatory explosiveness, together with correct kind, for 55 energy clear reps.

Constructing energy with weight lifting workouts just like the clear can translate to all types of advantages, from elevated hamstring energy to higher posture.


Though most individuals equate stamina with cardio-heavy exercises, stamina applies to weightlifting, too. As outlined by the Oxford dictionary, stamina means “the bodily or psychological energy that lets you do one thing troublesome for lengthy intervals of time”—there’s no distinguishing between cardiorespiratory train and resistance train. You’ve gotten an excessive amount of rounds and reps to get by when performing the Linda WOD: Your muscle groups will endure quite a bit and muscular endurance performs an enormous function in stamina. 

Step-by-Step Directions

Setup for Linda

Linda is type of a difficult WOD as a result of you have to three totally different barbells. It’s simply not environment friendly to load, unload, and reload your barbell for the three totally different weights you’ll want—it might take an hour to finish this exercise that method! Additionally, you will want a bench and a barbell rack for the bench press.

Earlier than you begin the WOD, ensure you have your entire barbells arrange in a method that makes it straightforward to transition from motion to motion—minimizing time within the transition intervals can enhance your time by greater than you assume. Be sure you have security clips on your entire barbells to maintain the weights in place, and make sure that the barbell rack and bench are sturdy.

How To Deadlift

  1. Begin standing along with your toes at hip or shoulder-width, along with your toes instantly beneath the barbell.
  2. Hinge on the hips, after which the knees, to bend over and grasp the barbell with a agency grip. Your fingers must be simply outdoors of your shins. 
  3. Ensure the barbell is grazing your shins—hold it this near your physique all through all the raise. 
  4. Discover your impartial backbone place and brace your core. 
  5. Pull the barbell off the bottom in a managed method, utilizing the energy of your hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Resist the urge to spherical your again, and hold your shoulders retracted. 
  6. Totally lengthen your hips and knees so that you’re standing up straight. 
  7. Decrease the barbell again to the bottom in a managed method. Don’t simply drop the barbell or bend over and place it on the bottom. Reverse the motion by sending your hips backward and holding the bar shut as you descend. 

How To Bench Press

  1. Lie along with your again flat towards the bench. Your face must be beneath the barbell. 
  2. Attain up and seize the bar along with your fingers barely wider than your shoulders. 
  3. Straighten your arms to unrack the barbell.
  4. In a sluggish, managed method, decrease the bar to your chest. It ought to gently faucet your mid-chest.
  5. With out flaring your elbows, press the bar again up till your arms are straight.

How To Energy Clear

The facility clear is a really technical Olympic raise that has 5 distinct phases: the setup, the primary pull, the second pull, the catch, and the end. Every part is crucial to finishing the raise with good kind.

Why CrossFitters Use Energy Clear

Frequent Errors

Whereas Linda is a reasonably easy WOD that simply consists of a triplet, it really leaves fairly some room for error, particularly relating to lifting with correct kind—right here’s what to look out for.

Failure to Set Up Correctly

As talked about in a earlier part, there’s an artwork to establishing for a WOD like Linda. Not solely is correct setup important to maintain you protected, however it could possibly additionally enhance your rating for the WOD.

Whenever you arrange for Linda, make sure that your barbells are comparatively shut to one another to attenuate time spent transitioning. The bench press barbell can be on the barbell rack, whereas the deadlift and clear barbells can be lined up on the ground. Don’t overlook security clips! You don’t need any plates flying off of the barbell mid-workout.

Frequent Deadlift Errors

For the deadlift, crucial factor is to provoke the pull along with your legs, slightly than your again. Whereas the deadlift does certainly work your decrease again, you need to offset the strain with energy out of your legs, glutes, and hips.

Different method errors embrace improper foot placement (your toes must be at hip or shoulder width), jerking the bar off of the bottom (the pull must be managed), and rounding your again or shoulders (hold your backbone impartial).

How To Correctly Do the Deadlift

Frequent Bench Press Errors

Whenever you bench press, concentrate on the next kind errors: flaring your elbows, overly arching your again, not touching the bar to your chest, lifting your head or your hips off the bench, and never holding your toes planted on the ground. 

Bench Press to Construct Your Chest and Arms

Frequent Energy Clear Errors

As the facility clear is a extremely technical Olympic raise, quite a bit can go flawed. Don’t let that scare you from working towards this useful motion, however do know that improper kind can simply result in accidents on explosive actions such because the clear.

When performing the clear, ensure you don’t: jerk the bar off the bottom too rapidly; fail to completely lengthen your hips (straighten your legs); enable the bar to float away out of your physique; or catch the bar in a poor front-rack place. 

Why CrossFitters Use Energy Clear

Modifications and Variations

As written, Linda is a troublesome exercise, however there are many methods to change this Woman WOD to fit your present health degree. 

Scale the Weights 

For many individuals, deadlifting 1.5 instances their physique weight is unmanageable—to not point out doing it 55 instances. Likewise, bench urgent half of your physique weight and cleansing 75% of your physique weight may simply be an excessive amount of. Don’t hesitate to scale the weights all the way down to one thing extra doable.

Add Intentional Relaxation Intervals

Superior and elite athletes can probably sail by the Linda WOD with out many breaks in between reps and actions. In case you’re simply beginning out, nevertheless, the sheer variety of rounds and reps may really feel intimidating. By pre-planning relaxation intervals, you’ll be able to take a number of the strain off.

A great technique is to deliberately relaxation after every set (i.e., after the ten deadlifts, after the ten bench press, and so forth). It’s higher to tempo your self than to burn out!

Eradicate the Early Rounds

All in all, the total Linda WOD has 165 reps. That’s quite a bit, particularly when the weights are heavy! To scale back general quantity, you’ll be able to remove a number of the early rounds. A great start line is the spherical of eight, which makes the whole quantity 108 reps. 

Dumbbell Linda

If you’re pregnant, injured, or have a restricted vary of movement, performing Linda with dumbbells slightly than barbells may show extra comfy. Dumbbells typically enable for extra fluid motions, significantly in Olympic lifts, which embrace the clear. You’ll be able to select to finish all three actions with dumbbells or choose whichever ones fit your wants. 

Security and Precautions

Heat-Up Correctly

Earlier than partaking in any bodily exercise, significantly intense train, it’s best to full a common warmup and a selected warmup (if wanted). For the Linda WOD, begin off with three to 5 minutes of straightforward cardiovascular train, corresponding to rowing or biking. Then, transfer into some dynamic stretching to open up your joints and loosen your muscle groups. Lastly, full a selected warmup to arrange your physique for the calls for of Linda.

You must carry out reps of the deadlift, bench press, and energy clear with an empty barbell and regularly add weight till you attain the burden you’re going to make use of for the exercise. 

Cool Down 

When you full Linda (congrats!), make it a degree to chill down. Your physique wants time to return to its resting state—assist your coronary heart charge decelerate and calm your nervous system by partaking in a few minutes of straightforward cardio train, static stretching, and foam rolling. This may assist your physique recuperate faster so you will get again within the health club to your subsequent session. 

Gas and Hydrate

Linda is under no circumstances a straightforward WOD. Be sure you can get by it by fueling your physique with carbs and protein earlier than your exercise, in addition to hydrating previous to beginning. Refuel with extra carbs and protein, plus electrolytes.

Think about Accidents 

In case you’re injured, discuss to your CrossFit coach about modifying the exercise to accommodate your wants, even when your harm is usually healed. It’s all the time higher to change than danger re-injuring your self or worsening an present harm.

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