The Kelly CrossFit WOD


If you happen to haven’t accomplished a CrossFit benchmark exercise, then you definitely’re lacking out on all the advantages that include these intense exercise of the day (WOD) routines.

Greg Glassman, the founding father of CrossFit, developed benchmark exercises to check normal bodily preparedness abilities corresponding to power, energy, pace, stamina, and agility, amongst others. 

“Kelly,” which is likely one of the older benchmark exercises, debuted in 2005. It is likely one of the benchmark exercises that CrossFit athletes use to measure progress, efficiency, power features, and total health ranges. 

This exercise of the day (WOD) is a part of the “Women” sequence that features “Karen,” “Angie,” “Barbara,” and “Jackie,” amongst others.

What makes the Kelly WOD so nice is you are able to do it at house, the gymnasium, or a CrossFit gymnasium. With just a few props and an extended residential avenue, you possibly can run, bounce, and wall ball your technique to an excellent exercise. Simply be sure you have sufficient pavement to finish a 400-meter run, which is barely lower than one-quarter of a mile.

The Kelly WOD is as follows.

5 rounds for time:

  • 400-meter run
  • 30 field jumps (24/20 inch)
  • 30 wall ball pictures (20/14 lbs)

Rating: The objective of Kelly is to carry out 5 rounds as quick as attainable. The time relies in your benchmark or first exercise, with a objective to shave off time every time you do the exercise. 

Gear Wanted: Kelly requires a field sufficiently big to leap and land on. The really useful peak for males is 24 inches and 20 inches for ladies. You additionally want a wall ball. The really useful weight is 20 kilos for males and 14 kilos for ladies. And also you want sufficient pavement to finish a 400m or quarter of a mile run.

Degree: Kelly is supposed for all ranges of CrossFit athletes. 


If that is your first CrossFit WOD, be certain to scan the opposite routines. Every exercise gives completely different health advantages. Kelly WOD focuses on power, stamina, and endurance. 

Stamina and Endurance

At first look, you might suppose the exercises appear easy sufficient, however don’t fear, this WOD is likely one of the most grueling routines you’ll carry out. One space your physique will profit is stamina and endurance. Basically, the CrossFit neighborhood defines good scores for the Kelly WOD based mostly on health degree. For instance, a newbie athlete could take 37 minutes to finish all 5 rounds. A median athlete could take half-hour, and a complicated athlete could bust 5 rounds out in 20 to 25 minutes. Hardly ever, elite athletes can get their time right down to 17 minutes. 

Decrease Physique Power

Kelly is a full-body exercise that targets the entire main muscle teams, with a particular emphasis in your legs. Throughout all three workouts, you’ll goal the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscular tissues. Each muscular power and muscular endurance are required to finish every spherical. And don’t be stunned if these muscular tissues nonetheless really feel pumped after ending the exercise.

Higher Physique Power

Though the main focus is admittedly on the decrease physique, the wall ball pictures additionally recruit your higher physique muscular tissues. Extra particularly, you possibly can rely on utilizing your shoulders, triceps, chest, biceps, and lats. This train is a push-pull motion, so you might have the additional benefit of recruiting extra muscular tissues. 

Step-by-Step Directions

Kelly includes three workouts: 400-meter run, field jumps, and wall ball pictures. Comply with this step-by-step part to discover ways to prep and set-up for the Kelly WOD and methods to carry out every transfer. 

Prep and Setup

  1. Be sure you have the entire gear wanted to finish the exercise: a timer, wall ball, and field. 
  2. Select the suitable wall ball—20 kilos for males and 14 kilos for ladies.
  3. Examine the peak of the field for field jumps. The really useful peak is 24 inches for males and 20 inches for ladies. 
  4. Map out the 400-meter run. Be sure you have a route that minimizes obstacles.
  5. Discover a wall to do the wall ball pictures. Place the field near that area. However watch out that you do not journey over the wall ball when doing the field jumps or that the field does not get in your approach once you’re doing the wall balls.
  6. Do a brief warm-up consisting of dynamic workouts corresponding to leg swings, knee hugs, strolling lunges, excessive knee skips, windmills, and many others.

Find out how to Do a 400 Meter Run

  1. Map out a 400-meter distance. If you’re at a observe, use lane one. If you’re at a CrossFit gymnasium, ask a coach for help. They can assist you discover the most secure route. If operating outdoor isn’t attainable, set a treadmill to .24 miles. 
  2. Select a tempo to run. Simply be sure you can stick with it for 5 rounds. 
  3. Push off along with your lead foot and run the 400 meters. Pump your arms and hold your chest excessive and shoulders again. Take good lengthy strides.
  4. Decelerate to a lightweight jog or stroll after you cross the end line and head to the field jumps.

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Find out how to Do Field Jumps

  1. Select the suitable field peak (24/20 inches).
  2. Stand dealing with the field with ft hip-distance aside and about six inches from the field. 
  3. Get in an athletic stance along with your knees and hips barely bent. Arms straight and barely behind you. 
  4. Bend your knees like you might be doing a squat. Press your hips again and explode via the balls of your ft, leaping off the bottom as excessive as you possibly can. Propel your arms for momentum.
  5. Land with each ft totally on the field, along with your knees bent, hips greater than the knees, and arms out in entrance of you. It is a good time to pause should you want a breather. 
  6. Drop your arms by your sides, bend your knees, and step again off the field with delicate knees to soak up the touchdown. 

Find out how to do Wall Ball Photographs

  1. Select the suitable ball weight (20/14 lbs). 
  2. Discover a wall that’s vast sufficient and tall sufficient to carry out the transfer. The usual goal peak is 10 ft for males and 9 ft for ladies. Ensure there’s nothing on the wall that may intrude. Determine the goal.
  3. Maintain the ball with each fingers.
  4. Begin with a shoulder-width stance. Knees in step with toes. 
  5. Start a squat motion—hips descend again and down and go barely decrease than knees. Ensure to take care of the lumbar curve. Maintain your heels down till hips and legs are prolonged. 
  6. Explode up by extending your hips and legs, then throw the ball as much as the goal on the wall. The goal is often 10 ft for males and 9 ft for ladies. 
  7. Maintain your arms prolonged to catch the ball.
  8. Descend into the squat place and repeat. 

Widespread Errors

The Kelly WOD is clearly outlined by way of workouts, units, and reps, however that doesn’t imply it’s free from errors. Be careful for these frequent errors. 

Not Defining Your Exercise House

This WOD is for time, so you’ll want to be certain your exercise area is environment friendly. Ideally, it’s best to select a wall sufficiently big for wall ball pictures close to an exit. You possibly can place the field to the aspect of your place to begin for wall ball pictures. The exit ought to permit fast entry to your operating route. That approach, you’re not losing time between workouts transferring to a special a part of the gymnasium. 

Going Too Quick

Sure, you’re attempting to do that exercise for time, however you additionally have to tempo your self. Performing 5 rounds of workouts that require leg power and stamina can result in fatigue quick. Additionally, you will have to battle the urge to dash the 400 meters. If you happen to begin this manner, you’ll run out of gasoline quick. 

Performing the Exercise Too Typically

The Kelly WOD isn’t meant to be included in your weekly health routine. You need to solely use benchmark exercises each few months to trace your progress.

Not Scaling if You Want To

This isn’t the time to go all out should you’re not prepared for a high-intensity degree. If you’re new to those benchmark exercises or your health degree isn’t the place it must be, it’s okay to do a modified model of an train. Simply keep in mind to carry out the motion the identical approach the following time you need to assess your progress. 

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Modifications and Variations

If you happen to’re new to train, coming off of an damage, or new to CrossFit, you possibly can modify this WOD by scaling it down. A method to do that is to scale back the variety of rounds. For instance, three rounds as a substitute of 5 for a newbie. There are additionally methods to scale every train. Think about the next modifications and variations for every train. 

400 Meter Run

You possibly can scale the run by adjusting the depth. Strolling, jogging, and operating are all acceptable methods to finish this a part of the exercise. However don’t dash. 

Field Jumps

For the field jumps, you possibly can modify the train by shortening the peak of the field. You can even do a step-up (one leg at a time) reasonably than bounce with each ft. 

Wall Ball Photographs

The simplest technique to scale the wall ball pictures is to decide on a lighter ball. This will likely take some trial and error to search out the burden that lets you carry out 30 reps for 5 rounds. 

Security and Precautions

Kelly is a exercise you are able to do at house, the gymnasium, or at a CrossFit gymnasium. However keep in mind, being correctly warmed-up and doing the actions with strict type is every thing. Additionally, if you’re pregnant, have a well being situation, or coping with an damage, get clearance out of your physician earlier than doing the Kelly WOD. 

Be taught Find out how to Do Field Jumps

Performing field jumps appropriately requires a strict type. If you’re unfamiliar with methods to do the field bounce, it’s a good suggestion to do that exercise at a CrossFit gymnasium. If you understand how to do a field bounce, however are unable to carry out the transfer on the really useful peak, use a decrease field. 

Heat-Up Earlier than the Rounds

It’s by no means a good suggestion to leap right into a exercise with out being correctly warmed up. And with the Kelly WOD, performing a radical warm-up is much more crucial to guard you from damage. A dynamic warm-up helps put together your physique for the calls for of the workouts by rising blood circulate to muscular tissues, elevating core physique temperature, and enhancing joint vary of movement. Listed here are just a few dynamic stretches and workouts to get your physique prepared for the Kelly WOD:

  • Leg swings
  • Arm circles
  • Excessive knees
  • Strolling lunges
  • Leaping rope

Cool Down After the Rounds

This exercise is intense and requires a correct calm down earlier than you get on along with your day. Ideally, it’s best to spend 5 to 10 minutes on post-workout actions. This permits your coronary heart price to get well and offers you time to do just a few stretches and sneak in some foam rolling. 

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