The best way to Do a Hammer Curl


Additionally Identified As: Impartial grip biceps curl

Targets: Higher arm (biceps brachii), decrease arm (brachialis, brachioradialis)

Tools Wanted: Dumbbell

Degree: Intermediate

The dumbbell curl is likely one of the mostly carried out workouts for the higher physique. The hammer curl is an easy variation of the biceps curl that helps to focus on further muscle mass within the higher and decrease arm for better definition and elevated energy. Many imagine that this train also can assist to extend wrist stability and enhance your grip energy.

Whereas this train is sort of all the time carried out with a dumbbell, it can be carried out with cables or bands if a dumbbell just isn’t out there. Different typical bicep curl tools similar to a barbell or kettlebell wouldn’t be acceptable for this train due to the wrist rotation that’s essential.

Construct Your Biceps With Dumbbell Curls


The biceps or biceps brachii is commonly thought-about a conceit muscle as a result of they’re simply obvious on the entrance of the physique. Women and men trying to get a muscular look usually goal these muscle mass to get a extra athletic look. Different vainness muscle mass embody the pectorals (chest), deltoids (shoulders), trapezius (again) and, after all, the abdominals. However there are different advantages to having robust biceps.

The biceps brachii is an elbow flexor—that means that it’s chargeable for the bending motion on the elbow joint in order that the decrease arm strikes nearer to the shoulder. It additionally helps to rotate (supinate) the forearm.

In on a regular basis actions, robust biceps assist you to carry and carry heavy objects. These muscle mass additionally assist with actions like closing a door or pulling objects towards or throughout your physique.

The hammer curl is only one option to construct stronger biceps muscle mass. The standard biceps curl is the commonest train used to strengthen this muscle. A barbell curl and preacher curl are variations of the train that additionally work the biceps.

The hammer curl, nevertheless, is commonly cited as being a more practical option to prepare the arm muscle mass as a result of many exercisers really feel that the rotation concerned within the decrease arm helps interact the forearm and enhance grip energy.

Step-By-Step Directions

Earlier than you embody the hammer curl in your train routine, it is best to have some expertise lifting weights. If you’re new to this or any weight coaching train, attempt the actions with out weight (or with little or no weight) to get snug with the motion. You too can work with a health coach to get ideas and recommendation.

To organize for the train, stand along with your shoulders relaxed and arms at your sides. Observe good posture by retaining the toes parallel with ankles and knees aligned underneath the hips. Your legs must be straight however not stiff or locked. Have interaction the belly muscle mass all through the train to stop motion by the decrease again as you carry and decrease your weights.

  1. Place one dumbbell in every hand. Rotate the fingers in order that the palms face the thighs. By doing so, you will discover that the thumbs face ahead.
  2. Conserving the elbows in a set place, flex (bend) on the elbow so the decrease arms carry up and towards the shoulders. Hold the shoulders relaxed as you’re employed. Hold your grip corporations and wrists consistent with the forearm.
  3. On the high of the motion, thumbs might be near the shoulders, palms dealing with in towards the midline of the physique.
  4. Decrease the weights to the beginning place.

When first beginning out, you could wish to attempt two units of seven–10 reps every. As you get stronger and extra versatile, add repetitions first. Then add extra weight.

Frequent Errors

There are a number of frequent blunders which are usually seen when performing the hammer curl.

Utilizing Momentum

Exercisers usually use a swinging movement to carry their weights throughout hammer curls or conventional biceps curls. You may inform in the event you’re utilizing momentum in the event you begin the train by leaning ahead barely and bringing the weights behind your hips. These actions assist you to “wind up” for the workload.

Sadly utilizing momentum decreases your potential to construct energy with this train. Swinging motions might also put you at increased danger for harm since you lose management when momentum takes over. It’s not unusual for exercisers to arch their decrease backs in the event that they swing throughout a curl.

Exercisers who use momentum are sometimes lifting an excessive amount of weight. In the event you discover your self winding up earlier than every repetition, lower the load and deal with type.

Curling Too Quick

The hammer curl employs a comparatively small vary of movement. So it is simple to hurry by this train and use fast actions, particularly through the reducing section. However you shortchange your self if you rush.

Consultants usually suggest that your concentric or shortening section (if you carry the load) ought to final about two breaths. The eccentric section or lengthening section (if you decrease the load) also needs to final about two breaths. Taking time on the best way up and on the best way down offers you time to manage the actions and deal with type. Slowing your actions additionally provides a slight problem as a result of you need to interact the muscle mass for an extended time frame.

Curling too quick could also be an indication that you’re not lifting sufficient weight. Strive including a number of kilos to see if that lets you focus and problem the muscle mass.

Floating Elbows

It is simple to permit the elbows to drift away from the physique throughout a curl. Transferring the elbows permits you to interact different muscle mass, such because the deltoids (shoulder) to carry the load. However the extra you interact different muscle mass, the much less you goal the biceps.

Attempt to hold the elbows in a steady, fastened place and focus on transferring the decrease arm solely throughout your hammer curl. If you’re unable to carry the load with out transferring the elbow, you’re lifting an excessive amount of weight.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

In the event you attempt the hammer curl and discover that it’s too tough to take care of correct type all through the motion, think about doing alternating hammer curls. As a substitute of lifting each arms on the similar time, carry the proper arm and decrease, then carry the left and decrease. Proceed to alternate sides for 10-15 repetitions.

Up for a Problem?

There are a number of variations of the hammer curl that may make the motion tougher.

Some exercisers use a preacher bench to carry out this transfer. A preacher bench is solely an angled, padded armrest that permits you to maintain the arm in an remoted place so as to carry extra weight and goal the biceps.

One other variation is to make use of a seated incline bench. When seated, the beginning place locations the arms behind your hips and helps to scale back any shoulder involvement within the train.

Security and Precautions

It’s all the time sensible to work with a licensed coach if you start any new motion. Whereas the hammer curl is suitable for many exercisers, these with decrease arm accidents (similar to carpal tunnel syndrome) might have an alternate train or modification.

Security Tricks to Forestall Damage Whereas Weight Coaching

Strive It Out

Incorporate this transfer into one in all these energy coaching exercises. Use the hammer curl along with or as a substitute of a conventional biceps curl.

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