The 16.2 CrossFit Open Exercise


The CrossFit Open is notoriously tough, however some Open exercises have made their identify because the hardest of the bunch. When CrossFit HQ dwell broadcasted Open Exercise 16.2 on March 3, 2016, CrossFitters all around the world—elite rivals, intermediate athletes, and novices alike—have been surprised on the complexity and problem of this WoD. 

Fortunately, CrossFit had launched official scaled variations of the Open exercises in 2015 to make the CrossFit Open extra accessible to athletes of all health ranges. Nonetheless, the scaled model is hard. 

Open Exercise 16.2 was repeated through the 2019 CrossFit Open as Open Exercise 19.2. 

The 16.2 Open WoD is without doubt one of the most complicated CrossFit exercises by way of construction. Whereas it solely consists of three actions, the person time segments inside the 20-minute AMRAP can really feel difficult and intimidating. 

The 16.2 Open Exercise is as follows:

AMRAP in 20 minutes

Proceed till 4 minutes:

  • 25 Toes-to-Bars
  • 50 Double-Unders
  • 15 Squat Cleans (135/85 lb)

If accomplished earlier than 4 minutes, proceed till 8 minutes:

  • 25 Toes-to-Bars
  • 50 Double-Unders
  • 13 Squat Cleans (185/115 lb)

If accomplished earlier than 8 minutes, proceed till 12 minutes:

  • 25 Toes-to-Bars
  • 50 Double-Unders
  • 11 Squat Cleans (225/145 lb)

If accomplished earlier than 12 minutes, proceed till 16 minutes:

  • 25 Toes-to-Bars
  • 50 Double-Unders
  • 9 Squat Cleans (275/175 lb)

If accomplished earlier than 16 minutes, proceed till 20 minutes:

  • 25 Toes-to-Bars
  • 50 Double-Unders
  • 7 Squat Cleans (315/205 lb)

Although it appears to be like complicated, when damaged down, it’s merely 5 rounds of 25 toes-to-bar, 50 double-unders, and squat cleans. The squat cleans are the one motion within the exercise that adjustments in weight or reps.

The 16.2 WoD

Additionally Recognized As: “Open Exercise 16.2” or “16.2 Open Exercise”

Rating: Your rating is complete reps; the tiebreak is the time at which you full your final set of double-unders.

Gear Wanted: barbell, bumper plates, soar rope, pull-up bar or rig

Degree: The 16.2 Open Exercise is superior, however may be modified to swimsuit a newbie’s health degree. There may be additionally an official scaled model of 16.2.


Open Exercise 16.2 will not be distinctive within the actions, however it’s distinctive in its construction, and that’s the place the problem—and ensuing advantages—come from. Right here’s how Open Exercise 16.2 can enhance your pace, stamina, power, and gymnastics expertise among the many crucial psychological talent of energy underneath strain. 


To progress previous the primary four-minute AMRAP in 16.2, it’s important to transfer quick. As you get more and more drained and because the squat clear weight will get heavier, you will need to proceed to maneuver rapidly, otherwise you’ll day out and never end the exercise. 


Though it would seem to be there are 4 miniature AMRAPs within the 16.2 WoD, it’s actually only one robust 20-minute exercise, which is a lifetime within the CrossFit world. Throughout 16.2 it’s important to maintain transferring for the complete 20 minutes, which shall be a real take a look at of your stamina. 


The squat clear weights begin out at a average weight for the intermediate CrossFit athlete, but it surely doesn’t take lengthy for the burden to get staggeringly heavy. The ultimate weights—when you make it to the final four-minute part—are 315 kilos for males and 205 kilos for girls. 

Gymnastics Expertise

Toes-to-bars are one of many extra superior gymnastics expertise in CrossFit, and some of the coveted: The primary toes-to-bar is a celebration-worthy achievement for newbie CrossFitters. There are a complete of 125 toes-to-bars in Open Exercise 16.2, providing loads of observe to hone your gymnastics expertise.

Energy Beneath Strain

Almost all CrossFit exercises have time caps, however in Open Exercise 16.2, you’ll face 5 time caps inside one overarching time cap. This strain can push many CrossFitters out of their component. It’s essential to know learn how to carry out underneath strain if you wish to do CrossFit (or wish to advance in CrossFit), and the 16.2 WoD is nice observe for executing energy underneath strain. 

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Step-by-Step Directions

For 16.2, you’ll want a barbell, bumper plates, a pull-up bar or rig (CrossFit gyms often have rigs), and a soar rope (a pace rope, like these from Rogue Health). When you’re doing the 16.2 WOD in a CrossFit class or throughout a contest with heats, be certain to say your spot on the pull-up rig earlier than you begin. 

Load your barbell with the primary weight (135 kilos for males; 85 kilos for girls) and stack the opposite plates you’ll want on both aspect of your barbell — simply be certain they received’t get in the best way of your squat cleans. Lay your soar rope out close to your barbell. 

How To Do Toes-to-Bars

Toes-to-bars are a dynamic core motion that requires nice physique consciousness, coordination, core power, and mobility within the shoulders and higher backbone. You are able to do strict toes-to-bar or kipping toes-to-bar, however as a result of the 16.2 WOD makes use of kipping toes-to-bar, this tutorial will cowl the kipping model. 

  1. Hold from the bar with a full grip—be certain your complete hand and thumb wrap across the bar. Your palms needs to be simply wider than shoulder-distance aside. 
  2. Have interaction your core, contract your lats, and squeeze your buttocks in order that your physique strikes right into a “hole” place. It ought to really feel as in case you are mendacity face-up on the bottom with simply your decrease again urgent into the ground. 
  3. Swing into the “arch” place. Your chest ought to puff ahead, your again ought to arch (however not hyperextend), and your legs ought to lengthen behind you. Take into consideration squeezing your buttocks as tightly as doable to increase your hips as far out as you may—like doing a backbend on the ground. 
  4. Construct momentum by returning to the hole place. This motion—going from the hole to the arch and again to the hole—constitutes one kip. Kip as many instances as you should in an effort to acquire momentum.
  5. Whenever you’re prepared, pull your physique right into a knees-to-elbow place. As you’re swinging again into your kip, contract your ab muscle groups, and produce your knees towards your elbows. 
  6. As soon as your knees are at elbow peak, lengthen your legs and contact your toes to the bar. 
  7. Let your legs drop straight down. You may drop off of the bar, or go into one other kip to start out one other rep of toes-to-bar. 

Here is a video tutorial on learn how to appropriately carry out kipping toes-to-bar.

How To Do Double-Unders

Double-unders are a sophisticated soar rope motion that includes swinging the rope underneath your toes twice, somewhat than as soon as, throughout the identical soar. This talent takes most CrossFit athletes months and even years to grasp. To do double-unders, it is best to first grasp single-unders—common jump-roping. As you progress to double-unders, maintain these key parts of the motion in thoughts: 

  1. Keep away from the “donkey kick”—maintain your legs principally straight through the soar.
  2. Bounce greater than you’d for normal jump-roping.
  3. Maintain your arms down by your sides; many of the energy ought to come out of your forearms and wrists. 
  4. Bounce as quickly as you flick your wrists downward.

Take a look at this video tutorial on learn how to appropriately carry out double-unders.

How To Do Squat Cleans

Squat cleans are a variation of the facility clear, an Olympic raise generally seen in CrossFit WoDs. To carry out a squat clear, observe the precise steps to finish an influence clear, however word one essential distinction: As an alternative of catching the barbell in a quarter-squat, catch the barbell in a full squat, after which stand again up with the barbell within the front-rack place (primarily performing a entrance squat). 

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Widespread Errors

There’s room for error in any CrossFit exercise. Open Exercise 16.2 has a very giant set of potential errors as a result of superior degree of all three actions that make up the WoD. Pay attention to (and check out to not make) the next errors whereas performing Open Exercise 16.2.

Toes-to-Bar Errors

Improper kip: The kip is the way you collect the momentum essential to propel your toes to the bar. When you aren’t arching or hollowing appropriately, or your rhythm is off, chances are you’ll not be capable to string toes-to-bars collectively. 

Toes not touching the bar: This requirement is actually the identify of the motion: Your toes even have to the touch the bar in your reps to rely. It’s not a giant deal in a typical CrossFit class exercise, however when you ever plan to do CrossFit competitions (native or extra superior), it’s good to observe the right method.

Double-Beneath Errors

The donkey kick: This frequent mistake occurs once you bend your knees an excessive amount of through the soar. Many rookies do that as a result of they suppose it’ll create extra space for the rope to go underneath the toes, but it surely actually simply makes it more durable to get into an environment friendly rhythm. Whereas performing double-unders, your knees ought to stay virtually straight—bent simply sufficient to soak up shock once you land. 

Flailing your arms: Similar to the donkey kick, this error arises from good intentions: Newbie CrossFit athletes suppose that making giant circles with their arms will make the rope transfer sooner. It’s fairly the other, the truth is. Maintain your arms near your physique together with your elbows virtually totally prolonged, and provoke the motion out of your wrists. 

Squat Clear Errors

Squat cleans gone flawed can finish in a slew of accidents, particularly sprains and strains. Good type is crucial to protected and environment friendly squat cleans — study extra about frequent errors within the clear.

Modifications and Variations

Technically, CrossFit Open exercises should be carried out as written, whether or not you select to do the RX model or the scaled model—likelihood is, when you can’t carry out the prescribed model as written, your CrossFit coach could have you carry out Scaled 16.2 Open Exercise, beneath.

The 16.2 WoD — Scaled Model

As many reps as doable in 20 minutes.

Proceed till 4 minutes:

  • 25 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 50 Single Unders
  • 15 Squat Cleans, 95/55 lbs

If accomplished earlier than 4 minutes, proceed till 8 minutes:

  • 25 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 50 Single Unders
  • 13 Squat Cleans, 115/75 lbs

If accomplished earlier than 8 minutes, proceed till 12 minutes:

  • 25 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 50 Single Unders
  • 11 Squat Cleans, 135/95 lbs

If accomplished earlier than 12 minutes, proceed till 16 minutes:

  • 25 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 50 Single Unders
  • 9 Squat Cleans, 155/115 lbs

If accomplished earlier than 16 minutes, proceed till 20 minutes:

  • 25 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 50 Single Unders
  • 7 Squat Cleans, 185/135 lbs

Nevertheless, when you’re simply doing the exercise as a part of a standard CrossFit class (not as a contest or a part of the Open), you may ask your coach for particular person modifications. For instance, if you are able to do toes-to-bars and raise the RX weights for the squat cleans, however you may’t do double-unders, you may get extra of a problem by solely modifying the toes-to-bars and leaving the remainder as written.

Security and Precautions

It is essential to take a couple of precautions earlier than performing this difficult WoD.

Mobilize Your Shoulders and Hips

Open Exercise 16.2 is heavy on the hips and shoulders, so take a while pre-WoD to loosen up your joints. Full a radical basic warm-up of sunshine cardio and dynamic stretching adopted a particular warm-up that features barbell work.

Follow Squat Cleans

You need to by no means go right into a CrossFit exercise with out training the actions first. Chances are you’ll wish to do a couple of observe reps of toes-to-bars and double-unders, too, however squat cleans are essentially the most technical and have extra potential for damage, so be certain to observe totally and slowly construct up your weight — by no means simply throw on the burden you propose to make use of for the WoD with out warming up.

Work With a Coach on Unfamiliar Actions

When you’re a newbie at any of the actions in Open WoD 16.2, ask an authorized CrossFit coach for assist. It could possibly really feel scary to ask for assist in an brisk CrossFit gymnasium stuffed with nice athletes, however your coach is there for a cause: to assist individuals who need assistance. It’s all the time higher to ask and obtain correct instruction than to remain quiet and danger an damage.

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