Mike Birbiglia Thinks Many Dad and mom Are ‘Pretending’


As a baby, I felt like I lived on this city the place everybody was pretending to be blissful and pretending to be in a superb marriage and pretending that they had a pleasant home with a pleasant lounge. I believed, I have to get out of right here.

So I went to varsity as far-off as I may consider: Washington, D. C. Everybody at school was pretending to have a whole lot of mates. And pretending to be sensible. And pretending to be well-read. And pretending to have a plan for the longer term. So I moved to New York Metropolis. And I met all these comedians who had been pretending to be assured and pretending to achieve success.

Now my spouse and I’ve a daughter, Oona, and we dwell in a neighborhood full of oldsters who’re pretending to like their lives. Our daughter loves dressing up as a fairy and a princess and a bunny. It’s virtually the very first thing we educate her. To faux.

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