Methods to Do a Dumbbell Overhead Press: Correct Type, Variations, and Frequent Errors


Additionally Recognized As: Dumbbell shoulder press

Targets: Shoulders

Tools Wanted: Dumbbells

Stage: Newbie

The dumbbell overhead press may be achieved in both a sitting or standing place and with dumbbells held horizontally on the shoulders or rotated in a hammer grip. You need to use this train in any higher physique energy exercise.

Methods to Do the Dumbbell Overhead Press

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Stand upright and hold the again straight. Maintain a dumbbell in every hand, on the shoulders, with an overhand grip. Thumbs are on the within and knuckles face up.

  1. Exhale as you increase the weights above the top in a managed movement.
  2. Pause briefly on the high of the movement.
  3. Inhale and return the dumbbells to the shoulders.

Advantages of the Dumbbell Overhead Press

This train works the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. Along with growing shoulder energy, the standing dumbbell overhead press engages the core for stability all through the motion.

Whereas you are able to do an overhead press with an train machine, barbell, or kettlebells, utilizing dumbbells presents distinctive advantages. As an example, analysis has discovered that utilizing a dumbbell gives extra activation of the anterior (entrance) deltoid than utilizing a kettlebell.

Performing this transfer additionally helps determine whether or not you’ve gotten an imbalance in shoulder energy. One signal is for those who can elevate a specific amount of weight extra simply with one arm than the opposite. Muscle imbalances can have an effect on how you progress, limiting your mobility and motion effectivity.

In day by day life, you might want to position objects on cabinets above your head or your baggage within the overhead compartment on a airplane. This train helps construct the energy you should do most of these duties safely.

Different Variations of the Dumbbell Overhead Press

You possibly can carry out this train in a number of alternative ways relying in your health stage and targets.

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press

Whereas the standing overhead press is a basic transfer, you may also carry out it seated. A seated dumbbell overhead press is a greater choice for people who’re getting began in energy coaching or for these with again points or accidents. A sitting place helps stabilize the again.

To do the overhead press in a seated place, sit on a bench and observe the identical steps. You can too do a seated overhead press whereas sitting in a chair (this selection additionally presents extra again help). Or, for extra of a problem to the core muscular tissues, sit on an train ball.

Alternating Arms

One other variation is to alternate your arms. Press up with one arm after which the opposite as a substitute of working each without delay. Analysis exhibits that this selection is best at activating the core muscular tissues—particularly when the train is carried out in a standing place.

Hammer Grip

This dumbbell overhead variation, generally referred to as a hammer shoulder press, includes altering your hand place right into a hammer grip (palms going through one another) such as you do in a hammer curl. Altering the grip prompts totally different muscular tissues within the shoulders.

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Barbell Overhead Press

In case you have entry to a barbell, you need to use it as a substitute of utilizing dumbbells. Decreasing the bar in entrance of the top is really helpful when you’ve got a diminished vary of movement within the shoulder as this may scale back harm; in any other case, it’s thought of secure to decrease the bar both in entrance of or behind the top.

Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press

Make this train tougher by including a squat to the overhead press. To do it, decrease right into a squat place each time you decrease the dumbbells to your shoulders and return to a standing place when lifting the dumbbells again up. The dumbbell shoulder squat works the higher and decrease physique on the identical time.

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Frequent Errors

To get essentially the most out of this train, keep away from these widespread errors.

Flared Elbows

Do not level your elbows straight out out of your sides, as this may put stress in your rotator cuff muscular tissues.

Locked Elbows

Locking your elbows once you attain the highest of your elevate will switch pressure out of your deltoids to your triceps, which are not the goal.

Hunched Shoulders

For added stability, hold the shoulder blades down and again in the course of the press.

Urgent Too Quick

Do not push up explosively—press slowly and easily. Management the movement of the weights and do not permit them to stray too far ahead or again in the course of the press. Attempt to hold them slotted in a path above the top.

Arched Again

Keep away from arching your decrease again an excessive amount of whereas elevating the dumbbells overhead. Extreme arching generally is a signal that your weight is just too heavy. Shift to a lighter weight to observe holding your again in a secure place whilst you construct as much as the higher weight.

Decreasing Dumbbells Too Far

Throughout the train, decrease the dumbbells solely to your shoulders earlier than urgent once more. In the event you decrease them extra, you improve the chance of straining your shoulders.

Security and Precautions

In case you have a shoulder, neck, or again harm, discuss to your physician or bodily therapist to seek out out whether or not this train is acceptable. It’s attainable to injure your shoulders when doing this train, particularly if you’re utilizing heavy weights or poor approach.

In the event you really feel any ache in the course of the train, slowly decrease the weights and finish the train. Solely use a weight you may press with good type.

Purpose to do 8 to 12 repetitions. Freshmen ought to decide a lightweight weight to start out, growing it till you discover a weight you can elevate for 10 repetitions (it’s best to really feel fatigued on the closing rep). Girls may begin with 5-pound dumbbells and males with 10-pound dumbbells.

Attempt It Out

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