Mattel Says Their New Gender-Impartial Dolls Will Assist Boys Develop into Higher Fathers


Mattel, the toy producer behind Barbie, introduced Tuesday night time that it could roll out a line of gender-neutral dolls, which are not identifiable as both “boy” or “woman.”

The business-savvy (arguably virtue-signaling) announcement was unsurprisingly met by the sound of indignant, bigoted knuckles cracking over basement keyboards throughout the nation—hell, a few of you might be most likely hate-commenting this very article proper now. (‘WhY Is MEnS HeALtH CoVERiNg dOLLs??’ that’s you; that’s what you sound like.)

However a majority of fogeys—76 %, in keeping with Pew Analysis—imagine all these toy modifications are good and that, usually, we needs to be steering our kids away from gendered play. (In different phrases: cease giving your son a toy lawnmower and your daughter a child carriage.)

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