Learn how to Do Stability Ball Knee Tucks


Additionally Recognized As: Stability Ball Reverse Curls

Targets: Abdominals, Shoulders, Chest, Triceps, Hips

Tools Wanted: Stability Ball, Yoga Mat (non-compulsory)

Stage: Superior

The steadiness ball knee tuck is a type of stomach strikes that appears prefer it’s enjoyable to do. You basically carry out a plank along with your legs balanced on the soundness ball, then you definately tuck your knees ahead towards your chest, drawing them shut as you roll the soundness ball towards you. The transfer definitely can be enjoyable (for those who outline enjoyable as difficult) however it’s essential to have sufficient core, chest, and shoulder power to carry out the train with the suitable kind. It is a good suggestion to have the ability to maintain a plank along with your legs balanced on a stability ball for a minimum of 30 to 60 seconds earlier than trying the transfer.

Along with strengthening the most important muscle teams of your abdominals, the soundness ball knee tuck develops power by the stabilizing muscle tissue of your backbone, shoulders, and even your hips. Collectively, when these stabilizing muscle tissue are sturdy, you are much less more likely to expertise undesirable motion on the main joints, serving to stop accidents brought on by extreme mobility or lack of stability. You are additionally going to expertise extra coordinated, fluid motion throughout on a regular basis actions, like bending over to choose a toy up off the bottom, or carrying unequally-weighted grocery baggage with every arm.

You may incorporate the soundness ball knee tuck into nearly any power coaching routine. Core work might be added to the start or finish of nearly any power coaching or cardio routine for a well-balanced train program.


Stability ball knee tucks are a extra superior ab train designed to focus on the most important muscle teams of the core (abdominals and again), whereas additionally concentrating on the stabilizing muscle tissue of the chest, shoulders, and hips. Additionally, as a result of the train requires you to carry a excessive plank place whereas utilizing your legs to roll a stability ball to and out of your torso, your triceps interact that will help you keep the correct place whereas your quadriceps interact to maintain your physique regular because the ball rolls. All-in-all, the motion hits nearly the complete anterior chain (the entrance half) of your physique, whereas inserting a main give attention to the muscle tissue of the stomach and low again.

For normal exercisers on the lookout for a problem, the soundness ball knee tuck is an ideal choice for stepping up ab day. By including instability to your routine, you are forcing your physique to interact the small, stabilizing muscle tissue of your shoulders and hips, strengthening areas which can be usually uncared for. Educated recurrently, strengthening these muscle tissue may help with day-to-day motion, making you extra agile and fewer liable to falls or harm.

Moreover, the train develops anti-rotational core power. In essence, this implies your core has to work to stop from rotating in an undesirable means. As a result of the soundness ball can roll side-to-side along with front-and-back, your hips, abdominals, and spinal erectors are compelled to attempt to stop the side-to-side movement as you draw your knees towards your chest. Creating anti-rotational core power can switch to day-to-day actions, stopping your backbone from transferring undesirably whenever you go about every day life. As an example, for those who step off a curb or journey on the sidewalk, your core is best ready to interact and defend your backbone from transferring unusually, in the end serving to stop low again ache or accidents.

Step-by-Step Directions

The steadiness ball knee tuck requires sufficient house for the size of your physique to totally lengthen—roughly the size of a yoga mat. If desired, place a yoga mat on the bottom to assist cushion your palms. Set the soundness ball at one finish of the mat earlier than entering into the beginning place for the soundness ball knee tuck.

  1. Get in a “tabletop place” in your yoga mat along with your knees positioned on the mat below your hips and your fingers positioned on the mat below your shoulders, the soundness ball behind your ft. Test your kind right here—your physique ought to kind a straight line out of your tailbone to the crown of your head. Interact your abdominals, pulling your stomach button towards your backbone.
  2. Place one leg at a time on prime of the soundness ball, in order that the ball is positioned someplace between the highest of your ft (on the ankle joint) and the highest of your shins (with out interfering along with your knees’ means to bend). The nearer to your physique the ball is, the simpler will probably be to keep up your steadiness. Additionally, alter the width of your legs as wanted. The nearer your ft are collectively, the tougher will probably be to keep up your steadiness. Separate your legs barely for better stability.
  3. Take a breath in whenever you really feel sufficiently balanced, and examine your kind to verify your core is engaged and your physique is forming a straight line from heels to go. keep your shoulders over your wrists for the whole lot of the motion
  4. Press your ft and shins down into the soundness ball and use your abs to assist draw the ball towards your chest as you bend your knees and tuck your decrease physique as much as your torso. Carry your knees as near your chest as you comfortably can. Exhale as you draw your knees ahead.
  5. Maintain for a second, then lengthen your knees, rolling the soundness ball away out of your torso to return to the total plank place. Exhale as you roll the ball away from you.
  6. Full a full set of repetitions, then fastidiously take away one leg at a time from the soundness ball, bringing your knees again to the yoga mat. From the tabletop place, rise to kneel, then stand.
  7. The slower you go, the extra managed and superior this motion might be.

Frequent Errors

Permitting Your Shoulders and Neck to Sag

When stability ball knee tucks are accomplished with right kind, it is best to maintain an ideal plank place along with your legs balanced atop the soundness ball. That is much more difficult than performing a plank along with your legs on the bottom because of the instability that the ball provides to the train. In consequence, it is quite common for individuals to give attention to maintaining their legs regular whereas fully ignoring the type of their higher physique.

In the event you enable your neck to hold down between your arms, or for those who enable your chest to “collapse” between your shoulders, failing to interact the stabilizers of your chest and shoulders, you are setting your self up for attainable harm. As soon as you’ve got balanced your legs atop the ball, examine your higher physique. Ensure your neck is neutrally aligned so your physique is forming a straight line from head to toe, and totally interact your shoulders, as if you had been urgent as much as the highest of a pushup.

Permitting Your Hips to Drop

Like the problem along with your head and neck, for those who’re struggling to keep up your steadiness on prime of the ball, you are extra more likely to overlook to interact your hips, low again, and stomach, which might trigger your hips to drop and your low again to sag. Provided that that is an stomach train, you wish to be sure to’re correctly partaking these muscle teams. Plus, for those who enable your hips to drop, you are setting your self up for a attainable low again pressure.

A very powerful factor is consciousness—as soon as you’ve got established steadiness on the ball, carry your hips barely as you interact your stomach and draw your stomach button towards your backbone. Executed accurately, this may really assist you keep correct steadiness. Test your kind within the mirror when you’ve got entry to at least one—earlier than you begin the knee tucks, your physique ought to kind a straight line from head to toe.

Positioning the Ball Too Far Away From You

So long as the apex of the soundness ball is positioned someplace between the highest of your ft and the highest of your shins, technically, you are performing the train with right kind. That stated, the farther the ball is out of your knees, the tougher will probably be to keep up your steadiness.

For individuals simply beginning out with the transfer, it is necessary to begin with the ball nearer to the tops of your shins than to your ft. This allows you to grasp the motion with better stability earlier than ultimately positioning the soundness ball farther down your legs.

Positioning Your Toes Too Shut Collectively

Whereas there’s nothing flawed with maintaining your ft and legs collectively on prime of the ball, this narrow-legged place does make the motion tougher. Simply as positioning the ball farther down your physique makes it more durable to keep up your steadiness, a slender “stance” additionally makes steadiness harder.

Strive separating your ft barely—roughly hip-distance aside—when beginning out. This broader “base of help” makes it simpler to maintain the ball transferring in a straight line as you roll it to and out of your physique.

Shifting Too Shortly

As a lot enjoyable as it could appear to roll the ball forwards and backwards like a velocity demon, transferring too shortly will increase the probability that you will lose your steadiness and fall off the ball. A sluggish and regular tempo helps make sure you’re specializing in partaking the deep muscle tissue of the core, low again, and hips—those you need to interact throughout this train—with out having to rely an excessive amount of on extraneous muscle tissue (quads, shoulders, triceps, chest) that will help you keep your steadiness.

Strive counting as you roll the ball towards you and away from you, aiming to take a minimum of two to a few seconds for every part of the motion.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

The very best modification for stability ball knee tucks is the soundness ball plank. Having the ability to grasp and maintain an ideal plank whereas balanced along with your legs on the ball is the right precursor to the rolling model of the train. Arrange simply as defined above, beginning in a pushup place, fingers on the bottom beneath your shoulders. Place one leg at a time on prime of the ball along with your ft roughly hip-distance aside. Test your kind to verify your physique kinds a straight line from heels to go. Maintain the place so long as you may, aiming for a minimum of 30 seconds. I

f your kind suffers at any level, launch the place, relaxation, then strive once more. It is higher to construct up your time on the ball slowly with good kind than to compromise kind for the sake of hitting a time objective.

Up for a Problem?

If you’re simply beginning out with the train, the easiest way to make it more durable is to regulate the ball’s beginning place in relation to your physique if you wish to improve the steadiness problem. First, regularly transfer the ball farther away out of your torso. In the event you begin with the ball at your mid-shins, alter its beginning place so it is nearer to your ankles. Subsequent, alter your “stance.” In case your ft begin about hip-distance aside atop the ball, convey them nearer collectively.

In the event you’re on the lookout for a good better problem, strive the soundness ball pike. You begin in the identical place because the knee tuck, however as a substitute of drawing your knees towards your chest, you draw the ball towards you as you carry your hips, piking them up towards the ceiling as you retain your legs straight.

Security and Precautions

Improper kind and transferring too shortly are the prime issues that result in accidents when performing the soundness ball reverse curl. Pay shut consideration to your kind all through the train and hold a sluggish and regular tempo as you draw the ball to and out of your torso. Additionally, think about what sort of floor you place the ball on. Slippery surfaces, like tile or handled concrete, might trigger the ball to “come out” from below your ft. Put down a yoga mat for further traction, or select a floor with better friction, reminiscent of carpet or grass.

Lastly, when you’ve got shoulder, wrist, or low again ache, this train might exacerbate the problem. In the event you really feel any sharp or taking pictures pains whereas performing the motion, cease the train. A crunch or the useless bug train could be extra acceptable choices that concentrate on the identical common muscle teams.

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