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Additionally Identified As: Glute kickbacks

Targets: Glutes

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The quadruped hip extension, sometimes called the glute kickback, is a wonderful, beginner-friendly train for focusing on the gluteus maximus, enabling you to hit both sides of the physique independently. “Quadruped” merely means you arrange for the train on all fours, so that you place your self in your palms and knees, together with your palms lined up beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips, together with your core engaged and your again flat like a tabletop. From right here, you retain your core as regular and secure as attainable as you prolong one hip, urgent your foot towards the ceiling.

The wonderful thing about the quadruped hip extension is that it provides vital recruitment of the gluteus muscle groups with out requiring the coordination, vary of movement, or energy of a squat, lunge, or deadlift. In case you battle with these total-body compound actions, incorporating isolation workouts, just like the quadruped hip extension into your energy coaching program may help you develop extra energy in your glutes which might finally be transferred to different workouts.


The quadruped hip extension is designed to isolate and goal the biggest muscle groups of the butt, the gluteus maximus, and gluteus medius. However along with focusing on the glutes, the train requires you to keep up a impartial backbone by participating the stabilizing muscle groups of your core spanning between your hips and shoulders. Executed usually, it may assist strengthen your core and your low again.

The quadruped hip extension is an isolation train, that means that it isolates and targets a really particular muscle group, and on this case, does so unilaterally (one facet at a time). A 2006 research led by Dr. John Porcari discovered that the quadruped hip extension was higher at activating the gluteus maximus and medius than different frequent butt workouts, together with conventional squats, lunges, step ups, or leg press.

However do not assume which means you must throw out your squats in favor of the quadruped hip extension. That is an isolation train, which suggests it isolates particular muscle teams. Squats, lunges, and step ups are all examples of compound workouts that concentrate on and problem a number of muscle teams at a time. So despite the fact that the hip extension is a wonderful approach to strengthen the glutes, it must be used together with different workouts, just like the squat, somewhat than instead of them.

If, nonetheless, you’re unable to carry out squats or lunges as a consequence of accidents or a restricted vary of movement, the quadruped hip extension could aid you develop higher glute energy that may finally switch to those different compound workouts. This makes it a superb possibility as a rehab or prehab train for individuals who are new to train or try to get again into energy coaching after an damage to the low again or decrease extremities.

On this similar method, a 2017 research revealed within the Journal of Analysis in Scientific Apply discovered that together with easy hip workouts, such because the quadruped hip extension, right into a rehab program for mechanical low again ache, was useful in decreasing the incidence of ache. That is possible as a result of strengthening of the deep muscle groups of the stomach, erector spinae (the stabilizing muscle groups of the again), and gluteus medius. These areas are sometimes uncared for, and weak muscle groups can contribute to muscle imbalances and ache. By incorporating core and hip workouts right into a rehab program, you’ll be able to assist appropriate these imbalances and strengthen the core to guard the backbone from the undesirable motion that may result in damage.

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Step-by-Step Directions

The quadruped hip extension is a body weight train you do on the ground, so that you simply want sufficient house to put down a yoga mat—and also you will need a yoga mat to maintain your palms and knees from getting sore.

  1. Arrange in quadruped place in your yoga mat. Examine your hand and knee placement. Your palms must be positioned straight underneath your shoulders and your knees straight underneath your hips. Flex your ankles, tucking your toes into the ground. Interact your core, drawing your stomach button towards your backbone, and ensure your again is straight and flat from the bottom of your pelvis to the highest of your head.
  2. Shift your weight barely to the correct facet, retaining your torso fully secure as you achieve this—your hips and shoulders should not twist or rotate as you shift.
  3. Press your left foot up towards the ceiling, retaining your knee bent at a 90-degree angle as you totally prolong your left hip. Exhale as you carry out the hip extension. Once more, be certain that your torso stays flat and secure—do not permit your left hip to rotate out or up as your hip extends.
  4. Slowly decrease your left knee again towards the ground, stopping simply earlier than it touches down. Inhale as you decrease your knee down.
  5. Proceed a full spherical of repetitions to at least one facet earlier than switching to the other facet. Once you’ve completed a set, merely sit again in your heels and rise to face.

Widespread Errors

The entire purpose of the quadruped hip extension is to isolate the glutes as a lot as attainable. The easiest way to “mess this up” is to sacrifice kind in a manner that requires you to recruit different muscle teams together with the glutes to carry out the train. The most typical and “broad” manner this occurs is by compromising your impartial backbone and shedding the flat, tabletop-like place of your again all through the train. This will occur in various alternative ways.

Sagging the Low Again

It is common for folks to permit their low again to sag whereas performing the hip extension, notably on the apex of the motion. As you press your heel towards the ceiling, there is a pure inclination to attempt to “push larger,” inflicting your pelvis to rotate up together with your low again collapsing towards the ground. As you do that, you lose the robust engagement of your glutes, recruiting extra of your quads and hamstrings to finish the upward press. Plus, you cease participating your abs and core fully, compromising the soundness of your backbone, making it considerably extra possible (though nonetheless not a significant danger) that you may pressure your low again whereas performing the train.

In case you can, watch your self doing the train in a mirror. In case you discover your glutes begin to rotate up towards the ceiling and your stomach sags towards the ground, reset your self and re-engage your core muscle groups to maintain your again flat. You might also need to think about you have got a rod balancing alongside your backbone as you carry out the train. If the purpose have been to maintain the rod completely regular, you would not have the ability to take action in case your low again sagged. This psychological reminder could also be what you have to keep correct kind.

Craning or Sagging the Neck

Craning or sagging your neck most likely will not make or break the train, but it surely’s simply typically unhealthy kind and a standard behavior folks fall prey to when doing hip extensions, planks, pushups, and different workouts the place you are balanced in your limbs in a inclined place. By craning or sagging your neck, you are as soon as once more taking your backbone out of its impartial place. Retaining your neck aligned with the remainder of your backbone helps strengthen the spinal erectors and stabilizers which typically helps defend your again from damage.

Correcting this error is easy—you simply carry your neck again to a impartial place so your physique types a straight line from hips to move. The hot button is remembering to do it. Strive checking your kind on the high of the motion and making any corrections obligatory.

Shifting Too Quick

The hip extension is not supposed to make use of momentum. It must be carried out in a sluggish, regular, exact vogue. As quickly as you begin swinging your leg up and down with any type of velocity, you cease participating the glutes to the complete extent attainable. Plus, you are simply typically “dishonest” the train. And actually, whenever you cheat an train, you are solely dishonest your self. Decelerate and carry out each phases of the hip extension to a rely of 4. In different phrases, rely slowly to 4 as you press your heel towards the ceiling, then rely slowly to 4 as you decrease your knee again towards the ground.

Permitting the Hips to Rotate

That is one other main fake pas in terms of the quadruped hip extension. There is a pure inclination as you carry one leg from the bottom so that you can permit that whole facet of your physique to begin rotating upward towards the ceiling, primarily utilizing all the muscle groups on the working facet of your physique that will help you press your leg upward. So as an alternative of retaining each hips regular and sq. to the bottom as you progress by means of the vary of movement, the hip of the working leg angles upward.

Very similar to the issue with a sagging low again, whenever you permit your hips to rotate, your core is not engaged appropriately and the gluteus maximus is not engaged as strongly as it will in any other case be. The opposite massive muscle teams of your legs contribute extra to the urgent movement, and chances are you’ll even really feel extra engagement of the glute medius (on the surface of the hip), somewhat than the gluteus maximus (the biggest glute muscle). The most effective answer to appropriate this error is to observe your self in a mirror as you carry out the train. If you do not have entry to a mirror, attempt imagining balancing a rod alongside your backbone. In case your hips rotate, the rod would fall off your again. Utilizing this visualization may help preserve you trustworthy as you carry out the train.

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Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

Whereas the fundamental quadruped hip extension is pretty beginner-friendly, people who’ve a tough time entering into or out of the quadruped place on the ground could battle to carry out the train. As an illustration, these with unhealthy knees or restricted vary of movement by means of the decrease extremities. If this is applicable to you, attempt to carry out the identical fundamental train, however place your palms on a raised floor, like a plyo field or the again of a sofa. Then step each toes behind you till your physique types a straight line in a modified plank place. Draw one knee ahead so your knee is aligned underneath your hips—your hip and knee joint ought to each be bent at 90-degrees. From right here, carry out the train simply as described, urgent your heel up and again as you prolong your hip. Carry out a full set of reps to at least one facet, then reset and carry out the following set of repetitions to the other facet.

Up for a Problem?

The best approach to ramp up the depth of the quadruped hip extension is so as to add resistance. Seize an extended, looped resistance band and loop one facet across the arch of your foot. Maintain the opposite finish of the band in place in opposition to the bottom together with your same-side hand. Carry out the train precisely as described, however as you carry out the hip extension, your foot will press in opposition to the resistance band, stretching it and making the motion tougher.

Security and Precautions

Luckily, so long as you are utilizing correct kind, it is exhausting to harm your self whereas doing the quadruped hip extension. The primary factor to recollect is to maintain your tempo sluggish and regular so you are not swinging your working leg or utilizing momentum to energy the motion, which may trigger you to pressure your decrease again. If the quadruped (hands-and-knees) place on the ground is uncomfortable to your knees, wrists, or shoulders, attempt the modified model of the train that does not require you to do the train on the ground. And naturally, if at any level you are feeling a pointy or stabbing ache, cease the train.

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