How you can Carry out the TRX Triceps Press: Methods, Advantages, Variations


Additionally Recognized As: TRX Overhead Triceps Extension

Targets: Triceps, biceps, shoulders, core

Tools Wanted: TRX Suspension Coach

Degree: Intermediate to superior

The TRX triceps press makes use of suspension straps and your personal body weight as an alternative of typical free weights, machines, or cables. The train targets your triceps but in addition challenges the biceps, shoulders, and core as you might be suspended from an anchor level.

Performing a triceps press whereas suspended challenges your physique in circumstances of instability. This forces you to continually have interaction your core and stabilizing muscular tissues to carry out the motion. Think about doing a French press (cranium crusher) suspended within the air as an alternative of mendacity on a bench.

The train not solely works your triceps however helps to enhance your stability and general energy. Adjusting the extent of issue for this train is a simple shift of your physique place and cable angles. The adjustable bands are appropriate for the novice exerciser to the superior athlete and may be modified to suit each health degree.

TRX coaching claims to supply an efficient full-body exercise with easy tools. This is without doubt one of the many widespread causes persons are attempting suspension coaching. It’s additionally an ideal different to spherical out an current coaching program.

When you’re new to this train and TRX coaching, it’s really helpful to carry out exercises in steady circumstances earlier than including the instability of suspension straps. It could even be a good suggestion to enlist the steering of a certified private coach or TRX coach.


The TRX triceps press is an alternate approach to construct arm and core energy. This train targets the triceps but in addition challenges your biceps, shoulders, and core through the motion.

The stability part of this train forces you to have interaction your core to take care of correct physique place all through the motion. Growing a powerful core may help enhance posture, stability, and relieve low again ache. It additionally improves the neuromuscular response (reflexes) and stability which may turn out to be useful when you take a misstep off a curb or have to react shortly to a falling object.

Performing the TRX triceps press, like all suspension workouts includes a number of muscle teams making it a quick and efficient approach to get in a full-body exercise. Fast and difficult exercises is simply one of many many advantages of suspension coaching.

The TRX triceps press and different suspension workouts are proven to have quite a few constructive advantages and research have indicated the next:

  • Lean mass beneficial properties
  • Improved energy
  • Improved stability/stability
  • Elevated core energy
  • Improved cardiovascular well being
  • Decreased physique fats
  • Improved blood stress
  • Corrected physique imbalance
  • Improved athletic efficiency
  • Lowered fall threat
  • Higher gait (strolling)
  • Improved practical health (day-to-day actions)
  • Sensible and efficient train different
  • Elevated train confidence

Step-by-Step Directions

The wonderful thing about TRX coaching is transportable cables that provide the power to exercise wherever. It simply requires an space the place they are often securely connected and you might be able to train.

Observe these easy steps to carry out the TRX triceps press:

  1. Connect cables to an anchor level above your head adjusting the straps to hold down about mid-length.
  2. Seize the handles and stand together with your physique going through away from the anchor level.
  3. Step ahead till all slack is faraway from the suspension straps, prolong arms overhead and with a 90-degree bend at elbows. Elbows are pointing ahead with impartial wrists.
  4. Assume a cut up stance place and lunge ahead till straps really feel tight (preserve this foot/physique place all through the train).
  5. Tighten your core, exhale, and prolong (straighten) on the elbows urgent your physique away out of your arms. Higher arms don’t transfer and elbows proceed to level ahead away out of your physique all through the train.
  6. Keep a straight physique place through the train holding your head and backbone impartial. Keep away from sagging or arching your low again/hips.
  7. Inhale and with management, slowly decrease your physique to start out place.
  8. Repeat the train for a decided quantity of repetitions.

Frequent Errors

The TRX triceps press is carried out in unstable circumstances and particular consideration is required for correct type and approach. The next are widespread errors to keep away from throughout this train:

Flaring Your Elbows

There’s a tendency to flare the elbows out through the TRX triceps press. That is simply mounted by being conscious of your physique mechanics from begin to end. As you decrease again into the beginning place maintain the elbows pulled into the physique at a 90-degree bend for the right execution of this train.

Transferring the Higher Arms

The TRX triceps press requires extending on the elbow whereas holding the higher arms in a hard and fast place. Performing the train this fashion correctly targets the triceps with efficient use of the stabilizing muscular tissues (shoulders/biceps). Transferring the higher arms takes away train effectiveness, stresses the stabilizing muscular tissues, and may enhance your threat of harm. To carry out the train accurately, press the physique away transferring solely on the elbow joint with out higher arm involvement through the motion.

Sagging Your Low Again and Hips

Permitting the low again and hips to sag may very well be an indicator of train fatigue or unreadiness to carry out the TRX model of this train. It’s best to be capable of preserve a good core in an effort to stabilize the low again (lumbar backbone) all through the train. The necessary factor is to concentrate on your physique mechanics always for train effectiveness and security.

Modifications and Variations

The TRX triceps press may be carried out in a wide range of methods to accommodate your health degree.

Want a Modification?

When you’re new to performing a triceps press and TRX coaching, you could wish to apply just a few modifications as follows:

  • Grasp the triceps press in steady circumstances on a bench or standing overhead extension earlier than progressing to the TRX model. This can enhance train confidence and general energy earlier than including the instability of suspension straps.
  • Transfer your foot stance additional away from the anchor level to cut back the issue of the train. This can let you get comfy with the motion with much less body weight resistance whereas growing general energy and stability.

Up for a Problem?

TRX coaching is a progressive train methodology appropriate for all health ranges. This implies you possibly can enhance the depth of your exercise as you change into stronger.

The next utilized modifications enhance the problem of the TRX triceps press for a extra superior exercise:

  • Carry out the train with each ft again as an alternative of standing in a staggered lunge stance. This will increase the depth of the train and requires much more core engagement to take care of your stability.
  • Transfer your ft nearer to the anchor level to carry out the train. This shifts your physique decrease and away from the anchor level growing the resistance and issue of the motion.
  • Drive arms means overhead to combine the lats and chest whereas working the triceps. The physique will drop even deeper forcing extra core engagement and shoulder stabilization.

Security and Precautions

The TRX triceps press is carried out in unstable circumstances and requires eager physique consciousness through the train. Due to this instability, it’s necessary to concentrate on your physique place/motion always.

The next ideas will show you how to carry out the TRX triceps press accurately and cut back the chance of harm:

  • Grasp the essential triceps press on a bench (steady circumstances) earlier than progressing to the TRX model.
  • Have the power to make use of your core muscular tissues to stabilize your backbone earlier than performing this extra superior model of the train.
  • Keep away from flaring elbows out – maintain them pulled into the physique at a 90-degree bend for the right execution of the train.
  • Pay attention to your physique mechanics not permitting hips/low again to sag or arch through the triceps press.
  • When you expertise ache or discomfort that doesn’t really feel proper through the TRX triceps press, discontinue the train.

Attempt It Out

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