Easy methods to Use a Chest Fly Machine


Additionally Recognized As: Pec Fly, Machine Fly, Pec Deck, Butterfly, Seated Lever Fly

Targets: Chest

Tools Wanted: Chest fly machine

Stage: Newbie

The chest fly machine is usually missed within the weight room as a result of there are such a lot of other ways to work the chest (pectoralis) muscle groups. For instance, you are able to do a chest fly with dumbbells or through the use of cables. A few of these variations supply the good thing about coaching different muscle groups that assist to stabilize the physique—such because the abdominals and the again muscle groups.

The chest fly or “pec deck” is a good way for each learners and people with expertise to focus on the chest muscle groups with out worrying concerning the stability required when utilizing a bench, a ball, or when standing. It is also a helpful machine when you’ve got a lower-body damage and have to keep away from standing.


The fly machine is right for rising chest power and muscle mass by focusing on the pectoralis muscle groups. You’ve gotten two units of pectoral muscle groups on either side of the entrance of your chest: the pectoralis main and the pectoralis minor. This train primarily advantages the pectoralis main—the bigger of the 2 muscle groups which might be chargeable for motion on the shoulder joint.

You employ these muscle groups for a lot of day-to-day actions, similar to pushing open a heavy door, selecting up a heavy grocery bag, or lifting a toddler. The pectoralis muscle groups additionally management the chest and ribcage while you take a deep breath.

This train is especially useful if you’re new to coaching these muscle groups. The chest fly is carried out absolutely seated and supported by a again pad so it’s simple to follow good posture and kind whereas utilizing the machine. Moreover, the seated place helps you set your full effort into the chest muscle groups.

Since you might be seated whereas utilizing the chest fly machine, this technique of strengthening the chest muscle groups is secure, efficient, and nice for learners.

Step-by-Step Directions

Step one is to regulate the tools. Nearly all machines have a seat pad that lifts or lowers. That is the primary adjustment you will wish to make.

Transfer the seat pad top in order that the handles are at chest top and while you sit down you may place your toes comfortably on the ground with the again pad supporting your backbone. Once you lengthen your arms out to the facet to seize the handles, your elbows and wrists needs to be stage along with your shoulders (not increased or decrease than your shoulders).

Your arms needs to be according to the entrance of your chest, not behind your physique.

You may additionally want to regulate the arm levers when you’ve got shorter or longer arms. Notice that not all machines enable for this adjustment. When prolonged, your elbows needs to be barely bent.

Subsequent, you will want to decide on a weight setting. Once you first start utilizing the machine, begin with a weight that feels barely simple till you get comfy with the motion. The entire motion is usually described as opening and shutting your arms like a butterfly.

  1. Sit up tall and loosen up your neck and shoulders. Your toes needs to be flat on the ground.
  2. Seize the handles in order that your palms are going through ahead. Notice that some machines have a foot bar that that you must push as a way to launch the handles and convey them ahead.
  3. Press your arms collectively in entrance of your chest with a sluggish, managed motion. Preserve a slight, comfortable bend within the elbows with wrists relaxed.
  4. Pause for one second as soon as your arms are absolutely “closed” in entrance of your chest.
  5. Carry your arms slowly again to the beginning place, opening your chest and holding posture sturdy and upright.

Carry out two units of seven to 10 repetitions to begin. Take a brief break between units. As your health stage improves, add one to 5 repetitions to every set. You can too add a 3rd set. Add extra weight and repetitions for those who full the entire repetitions with out fatigue. Your final set needs to be difficult however not so laborious which you could’t full it with correct kind.

Widespread Errors

Beneath are some frequent errors to keep away from.

Holding Your Breath

As you carry out the chest fly machine train, it may be tempting to take a deep breath in and maintain it as you have interaction your chest muscle groups and convey your arms collectively, a way known as bracing.

This technique of pressured respiration (additionally known as a Valsalva maneuver) is not needed for lighter weight workouts. It may be useful as you improve weight and the motion turns into tougher. Nonetheless, to begin with, it is vital to launch your breath and reset with every repetition.

Breathe With Every Motion

Exhale as your arms convey the handles collectively in entrance of your chest and inhale as you come the handles again to the open place.

Utilizing Your Legs

It might even be tempting to press into your toes to regular your physique and provides that closing motion extra energy. However keep in mind, the aim of this train is to coach the chest muscle groups, not your legs. When you discover that you’re utilizing your legs to realize momentum, lower the quantity of weight you might be lifting.

Arching Your Again

Some exercisers arch their backs throughout this train. This will trigger damage to the decrease again. Preserve good posture throughout each the opening and shutting phases of this train by sitting tall along with your again sustaining contact with the pad behind you.

Enhance Your Strolling Exercise With Good Posture

Utilizing Momentum

Elevate and decrease the burden utilizing sluggish, managed actions. When you go too rapidly, you’ll be utilizing momentum slightly than coaching your muscle groups.

Modifications and Variations

Customise this train as wanted with the next choices for modifications and variations.

Want a Modification?

Most machines require you to increase your arms (nearly) fully to seize the handles. Once you shut your arms to carry out the train, it ought to really feel like you might be hugging a seashore ball.

Nonetheless, there are different fashions of the machine which have elbow pads as a substitute of handles. On these machines, your arms keep a 90-degree angle or L-shape at your elbows as you open and shut your arms. One of these machine could also be helpful for folks with hand or wrist accidents.

Up for a Problem?

If you wish to work your abdominals, strive utilizing just one facet of the fly machine at a time. Meaning you will have one arm that’s working whereas the opposite arm rests. To take care of good posture, your belly muscle groups—notably the indirect muscle groups on the facet of your physique—should work further laborious.

Security and Precautions

One of the best ways to remain secure is to turn into acquainted with the tools earlier than utilizing it. Since there are completely different machine variations and producers, it’s possible you’ll have to make a couple of adjustment to keep up good kind. Seek the advice of with a health club coach for those who need assistance adjusting a particular machine.

Earlier than including weight, modify the seat and do a number of repetitions with no weight in any respect. Merely transfer by means of the motions of the train to be sure to really feel comfy.

Search for a foot press if the handgrips really feel like they’re behind your physique. Once you begin the closing section of the motion, your arms needs to be barely in entrance of your chest. In the event that they really feel like they’re behind your chest, discover the foot press or for an additional adjustment on the again of the machine to convey your arms ahead.

Whilst you ought to really feel the trouble in your chest (and to a lesser extent, within the biceps and shoulders), you should not really feel any sharp or intense ache in your shoulders or wrists. When you do, cease utilizing the machine and ask for help.

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