Easy methods to Do Hanging Leg Raises


Additionally Identified As: Vertical crunch, hanging knee raises, captain’s chair hanging leg raises, Roman chair leg raises

Targets: Hip flexors, abs, obliques

Tools Wanted: Fitness center workstation

Degree: Intermediate

The captain’s chair or Roman chair is a exercise body discovered in lots of gyms. Standing within the body, you employ the chair’s two arms to assist your physique weight as you elevate the legs.

Hanging leg raises require sufficient upper-body power to assist your physique weight. You additionally want to have the ability to use the body. However while you’re prepared, these workout routines generally is a helpful addition to a strength-training routine, as they assist work a number of muscle groups directly.


The train targets the stomach muscle groups (rectus abdominis), hip flexors (iliopsoas), and the exterior obliques. It additionally introduces isolation strategies.

In your day-to-day life, you may have interaction many alternative muscle groups teams to finish duties like climbing stairs or carrying groceries. As you take part in your actions of every day residing, these muscle groups should coordinate and work collectively. Isolation workout routines such because the hanging leg elevate can provide the alternative to determine your physique’s distinctive areas of weak point and develop a exercise to strengthen them.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Stand within the body along with your arms resting on the arms of the chair. Seize on to the handles of the chair, if it has them.
  2. Test that your arm place is agency (you want to have the ability to elevate your body weight from the ground).
  3. Inhale as you have interaction your stomach muscle groups to organize for the leg elevate.
  4. Bend your knees and lift them upward till your quads are parallel to the bottom.
  5. With an engaged core, exhale as you decrease your legs in a managed motion till you are again within the beginning place.
  6. Goal for 8 to 10 raises earlier than resting (one set). Work as much as 3 units of 10 raises.

Widespread Errors

You're Arching Your Again

As you carry out the leg raises, hold your again straight, not arched, and pressed in opposition to the pad. Your head and neck needs to be regular.

Your Core Isn't Engaged

One of many keys to performing hanging leg raises with good type is partaking your core earlier than you elevate your legs. Should you elevate your legs earlier than your stomach muscle groups are totally engaged you are not solely lacking out on the firming advantages of the transfer, you are additionally placing your self in danger for damage.

You're Counting on Momentum

The identical may be stated for swinging your legs or counting on momentum. Maintain your actions managed.

You're Holding Your Breath

As you have interaction your stomach muscle groups and put together to elevate your legs, chances are you’ll be tensing up a lot that you just overlook to breathe. Timing your lifts along with your respiration will enable you keep away from holding your breath. Keep in mind: Your muscle groups want oxygen to carry out optimally.

Modifications and Variations

Want a Modification?

Should you’re struggling to grip the body, strive utilizing arm straps.

Mendacity hip raises can offer you an analogous exercise if you do not have entry to a health club or your health club does not have a chair body or one other equipment for hanging leg raises.

Up for a Problem?

Strive these totally different variations of hanging leg raises:

  • Straight leg elevate: To make the transfer extra of a problem and actually work your core, strive doing the lifts along with your legs straight out moderately than bent on the knees.
  • Pull-up leg lifts: Add one other factor of problem to hanging leg raises by utilizing a pull-up bar as an alternative of a chair body.
  • Captain’s chair kicks: Increase only one leg to waist degree, preserving your leg straight. In a sluggish, managed motion and whereas preserving a straight again, alternate elevating and reducing your legs on your desired variety of reps. .
  • Captain’s chair twist: As you elevate your legs, twist your torso so your knees are at a slight angle to your physique. This variation targets your obliques.

Security and Precautions

To carry out basic hanging leg raises, you want the suitable gear. Make sure that the health club the place you’re employed out has made an funding in secure, well-maintained apparatuses.

In case you have sure well being situations, accidents, or are recovering from surgical procedure, it is a good suggestion to verify along with your physician earlier than beginning an train routine or including one thing new to your exercise. Strikes like hanging leg lifts require your higher physique and core to do quite a lot of work. You might have to keep away from hanging leg lifts in the event you:

  • Are pregnant or recovering from childbirth
  • Have lately had surgical procedure in your stomach
  • Have a situation referred to as diastasis recti
  • Are recovering from accidents or surgical procedure involving your again, neck, arms, or legs

In some instances, you could possibly carry out the transfer with modifications. Ask a coach at your health club or a bodily therapist for suggestions.

Strive It Out

Captain’s chair leg lifts are an ideal intermediate degree transfer so as to add to your exercise. The subsequent time you hit the health club, strive pairing hanging leg lifts with these strikes:

  • Hip Lifts
  • Triceps Dips
  • Higher-Physique Energy and Energy
  • Standing Ab Workout routines
  • Easy methods to Do the Facet Leg Elevate

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