Each Easter Egg in Marvel’s New Eternals Trailer


The brand new Eternals trailer is out and with it, new potential leaks on the plot, characters, and the subsequent part of the MCU. A brand new video from the Heavy Spoilers YouTube channel broke down every shot and defined doable leaks as to what viewers might count on from the brand new Marvel adaptation.

It is unclear how a lot the Eternals’ origins differ from the comics, but it surely’s doable the film’s plot will concentrate on a struggle between the Eternals and the Deviants, each created by the much more highly effective Celestials. The Deviants had been the primary try at guarding clever lifeforms together with people, however they grew to become too bloodthirsty to manage. Then, the Eternals had been created to cease The Deviants.

The Eternals’ powers come from cosmic vitality, which is why their palms are gold. It additionally harkens again to Captain Marvel, who additionally has cosmic vitality she pulls from. The colours of magic are vital within the cinematic universe, since it is also seen in WandaVision in fights between Agatha and Wanda. Purple is chaos magic, purple is darkish magic, and orange/gold is commonplace magic.

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In the beginning of the trailer, we’re a while within the distant previous, probably Mesopotamia or one other early civilization. A father and son go fishing, however are then attacked by the Deviants, who emerge from the clouds in a floating triangular ship. The Eternals defeat their adversaries, then go on to assist humanity develop expertise essential to advance. In a single shot, Thena places her hand within the grime to offer people flowing water so crops can develop.

Within the current day, the Eternals thought they killed the Deviants, however the evil group returns, now with the flexibility to heal. After their first profitable battle, the Eternals went their separate methods, some collectively and a few alone.

Ajak is seen out within the desert by herself. Sersi is within the UK working as a trainer, which is how she meets Dane Whitman (who could or could not turn into The Black Knight in the middle of the movie). Sersi seemed to be with Ikaris at the beginning of the movie, however the leaks say they then develop aside and Sersi begins up to now Dane. Thena and Gilgamesh are in Australia, and have an unrequited love storyline. Phastos can also be stated to be the primary homosexual MCU superhero, and might be residing along with his husband and their baby.

Makkari additionally makes an look in a closely adorned room which might be the Eternals’ deserted ship. In her room, there’s an ankh, medieval knight’s armor, and different historic artifacts to indicate how lengthy the guardians have been round.

Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo can also be on his personal, now a well-known Bollywood movie star. He has a movie crew documenting each facet of his life, which is why there is a shot of a digital camera crew standing subsequent to the group within the trailer.

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Fan have requested why the Eternals did not intrude with the world-altering occasions of Avengers: Infinity Warfare and Endgame. From what the trailer exhibits, the Eternals are onlookers, who gave humanity the instruments to outlive however are hands-off with regards to utilizing them. Now that humanity is now not in its early phases, they’ve largely backed off.

Druig is the movie’s primary antagonist and a Deviant who can management minds. The Eternals seem to confront him in a village he is taken over. Druig has misplaced religion in humanity’s potential to rule itself and needs to make use of his powers to cease wars. He is testing out his powers on the locals earlier than making an attempt to strive it out on a grand scale, which is why there is a shot of the Eternals standing along with creepy villagers all dressed the identical behind them.

The Eternals additionally seem instantly involved with post-Endgame occasions. There are a couple of references to each Iron Man and Captain America being gone, and the Eternals focus on who could be a very good alternative as chief of the Avengers. They particularly consult with Steve Rogers as Captain Rogers and never Captain America, which is probably an acknowledgement that Sam Wilson is the brand new Captain America.

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