Do Therapeutic massage Weapons Actually Work?


Therapeutic massage weapons are one of many trendiest instruments within the health business proper now. Devoted health fans and athletes use therapeutic massage weapons earlier than and after figuring out, on relaxation days and each time they really feel muscle ache. 

However how efficient are therapeutic massage weapons, actually? 

Utilizing out there analysis and insights from therapeutic massage gun skilled Dan Kozak, co-founder of Ekrin Athletics, a therapeutic massage gun producer, we’ll share the purported advantages of therapeutic massage weapons and whether or not or not these fashionable gadgets work.

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How Efficient Are Therapeutic massage Weapons?

“Until you occur to have the information and tools of a physiotherapy scientist, it’s very tough to quantify the consequences of vibration and percussive remedy,” Kozak says.  

Whereas there have been current research exhibiting the effectiveness of percussive remedy and proving advantages corresponding to lowered lactic acid buildup and soreness, “one of the best ways to maximise the advantages is by understanding the best way to use a therapeutic massage gun appropriately,” Kozak enthuses. 

Forward, learn the way efficient therapeutic massage weapons are for various makes use of, together with exercise restoration and medical musculoskeletal situations. 

For Muscle Restoration

You should use a therapeutic massage gun for quite a few issues, from posture-related ache to emphasize aid. Most individuals primarily use their therapeutic massage gun for workout-related soreness and stiffness, significantly for delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

Because it seems, it’s not a matter of if you utilize a therapeutic massage gun, however when

“For those who’re attempting to lower muscle soreness after train, it’s finest to make use of your therapeutic massage gun instantly after your exercise to assist scale back lactic acid and toxin buildup in your muscle mass,” Kozak says.  “A fast utility once more the following day will improve blood circulation, bringing oxygen to your muscle mass whereas loosening hardened fascia.”

Doing this sporadically and inconsistently in all probability received’t assist a lot, although. 

“Similar to train, the advantages of utilizing a therapeutic massage gun solely final in case you keep common use,” Kozak says. For one of the best outcomes and long-lasting aid, maintain your therapeutic massage gun in your fitness center bag or close to your house exercise tools so that you bear in mind to make use of it throughout your cool-down.

What the Analysis Says

  • Vibration remedy is probably going simply as efficient as therapeutic massage remedy at decreasing muscle soreness, a formidable discovering contemplating the ample proof supporting therapeutic massage remedy for muscle restoration.
  • When used instantly after a exercise, therapeutic massage weapons appear to scale back delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), the kind of soreness that units in 24 to 48 hours after train.

These findings maintain promise, however total, extra analysis is required to find out the true results of therapeutic massage weapons on muscle restoration. Research corresponding to these have limitations, together with the truth that soreness is self-reported. 

For Athletic Efficiency 

Utilizing a therapeutic massage gun earlier than a exercise provides simply as many advantages as utilizing one after a exercise. By growing blood circulation to focused areas, you possibly can prime your muscle mass for train with a rise in oxygen and vitamins.

What the Analysis Says

  • Utilizing a therapeutic massage gun as a part of your warmup could scale back your notion of muscular fatigue throughout exercises. Scientists aren’t positive if percussive remedy reduces precise fatigue, however even when it doesn’t, the placebo impact is usually a very highly effective factor.
  • One examine discovered that utilizing a therapeutic massage gun earlier than exercising could scale back the full quantity of microtears in muscle (the muscle injury that makes you sore) when in comparison with utilizing a therapeutic massage gun after train.
  • Analysis has proven vibration remedy to successfully improve vary of movement, which can assist you entry deeper positions when figuring out. For instance, elevated vary of movement within the ankle helps you attain a deeper squat place. 

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For Circulation

Percussion massagers are the brand new compression socks. The mechanical, hammer-like motion of a therapeutic massage gun will increase blood circulation to focused areas, successfully decreasing swelling and eliminating circulation-related sensations like numbness and tingling.

For individuals who endure from poor blood circulation, Kozak recommends sustaining two to a few full classes per day with out exceeding quarter-hour per session. Utilizing a therapeutic massage gun within the morning, afternoon, and night will assist improve and keep blood circulation all through the day, he says, and also you’ll get one of the best long-term outcomes in case you do that day by day.

What the Analysis Says

Sure kinds of smooth tissue remedy, together with therapeutic massage remedy, are thought to extend blood circulation to focused areas. Nevertheless, no research have discovered a relationship between improved circulation and therapeutic massage weapons particularly.

Whereas there’s no concrete proof but that therapeutic massage weapons enhance blood circulation, that doesn’t essentially imply they don’t assist for this goal.

For those who discover poor circulation, corresponding to in your decrease legs from sitting at your desk too lengthy, a therapeutic massage gun could assist work out a few of that fluid buildup. For those who expertise important or extreme swelling, speak to a health care provider earlier than attempting a therapeutic massage gun. 

For Fibromyalgia 

Therapeutic massage weapons could be an efficient remedy choice for fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a dysfunction that causes widespread ache within the muscle mass and joints, in addition to stiffness, fatigue and complications. 

Therapeutic massage weapons deal with fibromyalgia by gently massaging tight adhesions within the fascia (a sort of connective tissue) and breaking apart muscle knots, which relieves ache and improves mobility.

What the Analysis Says

  • One examine discovered that “deep oscillation therapeutic massage” was well-tolerated by fibromyalgia sufferers and that it “considerably improved” high quality of life and signs.
  • Generally, long-term therapeutic massage remedy is seen as an efficient symptom-management instrument for fibromyalgia, however therapeutic massage weapons particularly should not have as many research backing them.

Therapeutic massage weapons could assist individuals with fibromyalgia handle ache, however they need to undoubtedly speak to their physician about applicable utilization earlier than attempting percussive therapeutic massage. 

For Sciatica

Individuals with sciatica might also discover aid with a percussive massager. Sciatica entails compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve, a big nerve that runs out of your decrease again via your legs. When the sciatic nerve turns into infected, it will possibly result in sharp ache, pins-and-needles sensations, and numbness. 

Percussive therapeutic massage helps loosen up tight connective tissues that could be compressing your sciatic nerve. Decompressing the nerve ought to relieve ache and different sciatica signs

What The Science Says

  • Deep tissue therapeutic massage is assumed to alleviate sciatica ache, however even analysis on that relationship is restricted.

Once more, the scientific proof isn’t strong, however typically anecdotal proof is one of the best indicator. In case you have sciatica, your physician has cleared you to make use of a therapeutic massage gun and you’re feeling that it helps, by all means use a therapeutic massage gun to alleviate ache. 

Together with sciatica and fibromyalgia, Kozak says “therapeutic massage weapons could be efficient for anybody affected by shin splints, muscle cramps and spasms, myofascial ache syndrome, tennis elbow, continual ache or anxiousness, carpal tunnel syndrome, or bulging discs.” 

After all, you must seek the advice of together with your physician first to verify a therapeutic massage gun is acceptable to your meant use, Kozak says, significantly in case you have skilled inflammation-related accidents, fractures, varicose veins, hypertension, osteoporosis, are taking blood thinners, or are pregnant.

Therapeutic massage Gun Security

Therapeutic massage weapons are secure and efficient when used correctly and the first dangers of therapeutic massage weapons are associated to improper use, Kozak says. 

“The principle threat for any athlete utilizing a therapeutic massage gun is to verify it’s not inflicting extra injury to an present damage,” he explains. “For example, it’s finest to keep away from treating areas with muscle tears or strains, because the affect from the therapeutic massage gun might additional irritate the damage.”

It could sound like frequent sense, Kozak factors out, however one of the best ways to keep away from that is to concentrate on how your physique feels and the way you assume it’ll reply to the affect of a therapeutic massage gun.  “An ideal rule of thumb is to at all times cease the remedy whether it is inflicting ache,” he says. 

At all times refer again to your system’s directions or seek the advice of a health care provider in case you’re unsure the best way to use a therapeutic massage gun or in case you ought to in any respect. 

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