Do a Reverse Bicep Curl


Additionally Identified As: Reverse Arm Curls or Reverse Curls

Targets: Biceps, Forearms

Gear Wanted: Barbell, Dumbbells, or EZ-Curl Bar

Stage: Intermediate

The reverse bicep curl is carried out by contracting the biceps along with your palms going through down utilizing a barbell, dumbbells, or EZ-curl bar. It is a variation of the usual bicep curl the place the barbell is gripped palms up. The movement is similar however the change in grip permits for particular arm muscular tissues to be focused.

The first muscular tissues focused in the course of the reverse curl are the biceps (biceps brachii) and brachialis. The brachialis shouldn’t be a readily seen muscle as a result of it’s hidden beneath the biceps. It gives a structural bridge between the higher arm bone and the forearm. It’s additionally the prime mover of elbow flexion (biceps contraction). It may be thought-about the “out of sight out of thoughts” muscle due to its location. Nonetheless, to enhance the energy and construction of your biceps, you could need to take into account including this underrated train to your arm exercise.

Reverse bicep curls are mentioned to be the best train to focus on an underdeveloped brachialis muscle. Including this train can enhance your capacity to carry heavier weight throughout commonplace bicep curls and proper muscle imbalance between flexor and extensor muscular tissues. It’s additionally a pivotal train to develop greater arms and a greater biceps flex.

The train is carried out utilizing a lighter weight—another excuse weight lifters could draw back from reverse bicep curls. Nonetheless, the standard of contraction at all times trumps the quantity of weight being lifted. It’s higher pondering to contemplate reverse bicep curls a bonus train to boost these heavier lifts. Including this train to your present arm routine might help construct higher biceps and make different exercises extra environment friendly.

In case you are new to this train or weight coaching, it might be a good suggestion to enlist the steerage of a certified private coach.


Reverse bicep curls are an efficient option to work the forearms and biceps, particularly the generally underdeveloped brachialis muscle. It might be a curl that requires much less weight resistance however the advantages outweigh avoiding this train.

The next is a shortlist of advantages on why you ought to be performing the reverse bicep curl:

  • Elevated arm energy and growth.
  • Improved muscle imbalance between extensor and flexor muscular tissues.
  • Decreased elbow ache with improved muscle steadiness.
  • Decreased danger of damage with higher grip energy.
  • Improved capacity to carry heavier.
  • Improved brachialis muscle growth.
  • Higher biceps flex and construction.
  • Improved train kind and approach.

Step-by-Step Directions

The reverse bicep curl is an intermediate train you’ll be able to carry out on the health club or within the consolation of your house utilizing the next easy steps:

  1. Stand with fingers and ft shoulder-width aside. Grip the barbell palms going through down (pronated grip) whereas maintaining your physique straight and chest lifted.
  2. Holding the higher arms stationary, exhale and carry the bar towards your shoulders bending on the elbows.
  3. Proceed to twist the bar towards your shoulders till you’re feeling an entire biceps contraction.
  4. Slowly decrease the bar with management to the beginning place.
  5. Repeat the train for a decided quantity of reps and units.

Widespread Errors

The reverse bicep curl is an effective way to work your arms, however as a result of the train is underutilized, you is probably not too aware of correct kind and approach.

That mentioned, and like with any weight resistance coaching, correct kind and approach are important for train effectiveness and security.

The next are frequent errors to keep away from in the course of the reverse bicep curl:

Weight is Too Heavy

The usual bicep curl could enable for heavy lifts, however this isn’t the case for reverse bicep curls. The palms down grip require lighter resistance for efficient and correct completion of the train. The purpose of this train is to not blast the biceps with heavy weight, however to develop the hidden muscle beneath the biceps. Utilizing too heavy of weight will increase the chance of muscle and wrist damage. That is simply corrected by dropping the resistance right down to the suitable degree.

Utilizing Momentum

Performing this train requires your higher arms to stay stationary as you bend on the elbows to carry the bar towards your shoulders. Your hips/low again must also stay steady. Utilizing momentum is an enormous indicator that the load is just too heavy and locations you in danger for potential shoulder and low again damage. Concentrate on correct weight resistance and physique mechanics always throughout this train.

Extending Wrists

It might really feel pure to increase the wrists throughout elbow flexion however doing so causes pointless stress on the wrist joint and extensor muscular tissues. Preserve straight wrists all through the complete vary of movement of the reverse bicep curl for the efficient and correct execution of this train.

Modifications and Variations

The reverse bicep curl may be carried out in a wide range of methods to accommodate your health degree and lifting choice.

Want a Modification?

If you happen to’re new to performing a reverse bicep curl, you could need to apply a couple of modifications as follows:

  • Carry out the train utilizing an EZ-curl bar for wrist consolation in the course of the train. This may permit you to develop energy and train confidence earlier than progressing to the straight barbell.
  • Give dumbbells a strive if you happen to don’t really feel comfy utilizing a barbell. The identical muscle teams are focused and advantages achieved with this mode of weight resistance.
  • Carry out the train utilizing a cable station with a bar attachment if you happen to desire working with cables. Merely connect the bar to the bottom pulley and also you’re able to go.

Up for a Problem?

After you have mastered the correct kind, you’ll be able to add the next variations to the reverse bicep curl to make it extra superior:

  • Attempt a inclined incline reverse curl to supply a difficult angle throughout this train. This may be carried out with a barbell, EZ-curl bar, or dumbbells and utilizing an incline bench.
  • Carry out a preacher bicep reverse curl as a substitute of standing. The preacher chair will supply assist and actually problem the height contraction of the biceps and brachialis muscular tissues. If the wrists really feel uncomfortable, strive the train utilizing an EZ-curl bar and discover the angle that works greatest for you.
  • Stand in opposition to a wall to carry out the reverse curl. This straightforward change-up will maintain you from dishonest the train and permit for simpler lifts. It received’t take lengthy to really feel the burn on this one!

Bicep Curl Energy Workouts Utilizing Dumbbells or Barbells

Security and Precautions

The reverse bicep curl, like all resistance train, requires good kind and approach for effectiveness and security.

The next ideas will allow you to carry out the reverse bicep curl accurately and scale back the chance of damage:

  • Begin with a light-weight weight for correct train kind and keep away from inserting pointless stress on the biceps, forearms, and wrists.
  • Preserve straight wrists in the course of the full vary of movement of the train to guard the wrist joints and extensor muscular tissues.
  • Keep away from utilizing momentum to carry the barbell. Preserve steady higher arms and hips as you bend on the elbows to carry the bar towards your shoulders.
  • Use an EZ-curl bar if you happen to expertise wrist discomfort.
  • If you happen to expertise ache or discomfort that doesn’t really feel proper in the course of the reverse bicep curl, discontinue the train.

Attempt It Out

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